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「Official」Asian Anime, Manga, and Music Lounge

  1. U-3C
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  2. castleofargh Contributor
    fluffy cutie for you, to forget about all the bad stuff.
  3. U-3C

    Hey, Elon Musk realised he's a cat girl and it took many years after he was born for everybody else to also realise it.

    It's never too late!

    Meanwhile, I'm now officially a fox girl in VR. :3
  4. castleofargh Contributor
    received a pair of E2000 and it has almost exactly 5dB variation right at 3kHz. hard to miss so it's going back. I'm obviously not expecting +/-1dB matching on cheap IEMs, but that much and right in the midrange, nope nope and nope²!
    I'll ask for another pair as the overall signature is enjoyable.
  5. U-3C
    Out of curiosity, what did you use to measure it?
  6. deadlylover
    Integrating a subwoofer into a studio monitor setup is surprisingly difficult. A mate has the JBL LSR305's along with a Presonus T10, the T10 only has -30db input gain adjustment with NO volume knob, so even on the lowest input gain it's ridiculously loud in a small room, and having a ~50hz room resonance isn't helping one bit.

    Can't do much EQing in Windows because there's no way to specifically target the subwoofer as we're using normal 2 channel stereo DAC. Looks like we need to chuck in a miniDSP 2x4 so we can apply EQ to a dedicated subwoofer channel in addition to using digital crossovers.
  7. castleofargh Contributor
    option 3 https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hea...different-results.751100/page-2#post-13933374

    the cheapest volume control box before the sub + some EQ on the low freqs in Windows based on what you measure + moving the sub around until the issues on the room are at least not maxed out at the sitting position(if possible, small rooms are small).
    or something like the miniDSP, which ultimately might also help improve the 305 for that room.
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  8. U-3C
    Watched a few episodes of Kill La Kill.

    Very fun show! Will have to find time to watch the rest of it thou... T-T


    Welp, can't find the 3.5mm dongle for my phone.

    This is it. This is the future that Apple envisioned!
  9. Muinarc
    Dongles suck :frowning2:
  10. U-3C
    Crisis averted. Was on a pair of headphones I stored away a while back.

    Glad I found it just before I left to go buy another one, which I will lose eventually. The ones that come with Huawei are analog pass throughs so they don't with with my laptop's usb c port, so I need to use the 3.5mm jack when I listen to audio on my laptop. Frequent "where did I put that again?!" follows...

    PS: it's been two months and the dongle is already doing the turtleneck. Huawei really loves copying the negative aspects of Apple products. :wink:
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
  11. U-3C

  12. castleofargh Contributor
    IE80 as monitors on stage :dizzy_face:
    is it just me or does it sound like autotune is turned to 11 anytime the 3 sing the same stuff.

    in other news, if I read one more isekai BS manga where a guy is reincarnated as a tea spoon, I'm going to go mad. it's like some dude came up with the idea to recycle all the rejected mangas that suck bad, by adding 2 pages at the start where a dude dies in a car accident and talks to a god. that's not how SF works!!!!!! also, crap in another world is still crap. on the plus side, I had no idea that my love for science fiction would lead me to extensively learn how to cook Japanese food.
  13. U-3C
    Didn't notice the IE80!

    How about reverse isekai where a spoon is reincarnated as a calculus text book printer on Earth working as a cashier? 0~0?

    I've read too many of these types of fantasy novels in Chinese many years back so I got bored before it even became big. :p the The life of a printer for calculus textbooks might be the only thing I'm interested right now due to its originality...
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  14. miceblue
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  15. Muinarc
    I always wondered about the other non-isekai....isekai properties, like Planet of the Apes. Why are writers allergic to having the story take place with no mention or acknowledgement of our world/universe? You'd think Star Wars would have created thousands of clones but instead everything is more like Star Trek, where Earth exists, existed, or will exist at some point in their universe.

    There are dozens of great fantasy anime out there that manage to take place purely in fantasy worlds..... only to have it end up being post-apocalyptic instead :weary:
    Chrome Shelled Regios, Fractale, etc.

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