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「Official」Asian Anime, Manga, and Music Lounge

  1. kn19h7
    Merry Xmas poi :D

    Another beautiful episode from Merc Storia. Sad that its gonna end next ep, such comfy and pretty show >.<
  2. miceblue

    Dang....do gifs not work any more? D:

    Anyway, just imagine this dude as Santa.

    Now you know how Deku feels. : D

    Merry Kurisumasu everyone!
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2018
  3. deadlylover
    Salutations and season's greetings.

    (Enterprise from Azur Lane)

    I think I recognise more shipgirls than Pokemon at this point...

    U-3C likes this.
  4. U-3C
  5. miceblue


    Sweaty Bawls and 2x Miyazaki artbooks. :xf_eek:

    Thanks secret Santa!
    kn19h7 and U-3C like this.
  6. U-3C


    Enjoyed both the Chinese and Japanese versions this time, each for different reasons.
  7. U-3C
    To my Secret Santa:

    Thank you!!! This is the perfect gift for the perfect place at the perfect time!

    Hopefully will make an update when everything is ready.
  8. Muinarc
    It was a decent show, I would have liked more focus on the main characters, and some of the weekly plots were kind of boring, but it ended really strong, that last arc was nice.

    Merry holidays!

    Happy holidays everyone (I'm late I know).
  9. Muinarc
    Time to share AAMML Secret Santa Gifts? I finally got mine! As always, thank you @miceblue for organizing all of this, I know it can be a PITA so your efforts are appreciated. This exchange always brings me some needed holiday cheer.

    My Santa sent the gift of waifus, art, and technology in the form of some cool keys. THANKS SANTA!



    KAWAII !!!! :point_up::point_down:



    kn19h7 likes this.
  10. U-3C

    I see a wild Nvidia reference card in the back... 0w0
  11. deadlylover
    Got a bunch of Steelcase Leaps for ~$60 each, first impressions are pretty good. They were decommissions from an office space. The models with an armrest cost $250 which is okaaay but the armrest-less models are a steal (they only had three left by the time I got there, I bought them all for the garage =P). Hmmmm maybe I should replace my crappy 10 year old DX racer with an armrest model...

    Need to hire a hot water extractor to clean them up, but I might just blast them with a hose and laundry detergent and leave it baking in the sun for an afternoon,
  12. Muinarc
    Please don't point out my worst PC parts purchase of all time, the GTX 780.
  13. U-3C

    We've all made less than ideal choices in our lives...
  14. Muinarc
    Sometimes the universe conspires against us. :weary:
  15. U-3C
    Or helping us grow some character through mistakes. :3


    Old phone contract is finally over.

    USB port is still busted on old phone, but charging the battery directly with a wall charger worked pretty well so far!

    Ended up switching carriers for a much better deal and getting a Huawei P20. I was hoping to get the P10 or P10 Lite just for the headphone jack, but parents had to go get it for me (ID reasons that are finally resolved now), and they got the P20 because the salesperson convinced them to when they didn't know better. It did seem better on paper and was offered at the same price, but I really wanted the headphone jack and the tad smaller size. :p

    Livin' da dongleful life now boiz and gals!

    Not very comfortable in the hand, sadly, as I have small hands. Very heavy and long, so it feels top heavy for me in most use cases. Also very thin and slippery, so doesn't feel comfortable in hand. Bezels also cause often mispresses. Wish the finger print scanner was larger in all dimensions!

    Otherwise, it works. Audio latency is hot garbage and the EMUI skin drops frames when scrolling around so it can't really maintain 60 FPS during daily tasks, somethings I've kind of accepted at this point when not ordering a Pixel phone or an iPhone, but other quality of life features do make the phone feel like it can rival my old iPhone 5s in terms of simple usability. Fingerprint scanner and face id works scary well, and screen adjusts nicely in brightness and temperature by itself. Also no obvious flickering like a certain phone I have at low brightness so I haven't felt too much eye fatigue. Included fast charger has been super handy, despite the interference with listening to music via headphones. Speaker quality is tolerable but placement is better than my other Android phones, which is helpful for sharing things with my roommate.

    This is the first time I've tried a big phone with a 18:9-ish ratio. Hopefully the bulky case I ordered will solve my gripes without introducing too much weight. Still mostly use my iPhone as soon as I get home (battery is too dead for portable use). Music and most portable tasks will be done on my S3 or S5 Neo. This new phone is mostly just for calls, watching videos while I do groceries and to serve as a wallet with a new flip case, so it satisfies what I got it for pretty well.

    Let's hope this lasts a good 5 years! :3
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019

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