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  1. U-3C

    That sucks. :frowning2: Hey, at the very least, you can figure out what part isn't working and replace it. People without that knowledge would have just gotten a whole new computer, probably with an OEM markup. Still sucks though...

    Well, the SD kits are quite easy to build. In fact, I usually just break the pieces off the runners with my fingers for these rather than using tools, as the pieces are quite big and tools take too long. :p

    More delicate ones need tools though as pieces are sooooooooooo tiny at times.

    Got a 500 GB MX500 as I'm tired of waiting for some programs that take forever to load. Apparently pricing for SSDs will drop quite a bit, but US tarrif stuff might bring the price back up again.

    Didn't really wait for sales or anything ( probably saved like 5 usd max anyways). Just finally snapped and got tired of waiting a minute or two for a few programs to boot up, especially with how often some of them crash.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  2. deadlylover
    That is a good deal!

    The RX570 has been quite good value recently, it's just a shame that going any faster starts to tank the performance per dollar, but I guess we have AMD to thank for that with no competition at the high end...

    Hmm got a few Logitech G102 mice for the garage, at $20 a pop why the hell not. Apparently the sensor is indistinguishable from the current top of the line, not that it'll matter for my intense Civilisation plays...I just hope it works okay with printed mousepads. (oppai pads)
    $3 for 30g of thermal paste (Halnziye HY880), my 10 year old tube of Arctic Silver 5 is almost gone. I'm gonna do an experiment to see what the improvement is.

    Ordered some new helping hands, the real deal is like $80 (made by GRS) so I wonder how these $20 clones will fare, they're made for jewelcrafters so hope it's decent enough quality.

  3. U-3C

    Although I would love an RTX card for 3D rendering (the performance value is insane for raytracing tasks, even in the most unoptimal state), I'll wait until I getting a platform upgrade in a year or two. My cpu is really holding me back, and the market is going in the direction that really benefits my tasks, but it hasn't reached there yet. Hopefully by then, the high end graphics card market is a bit more favorable too.

    Upgrading cpu means new motherboard and ram, so not too thrilled with potential cost. :/

    Hope those serve you well.

    My pops needed my soldering kit so I think I'll just let him keep it. It's cheap but it is handy to keep in his garage. Didn't feel like buying a new one as there's no real need to spend the money. I did get a tall keyboard with hotswap sockets on the PCB as my full size keyboard causes a lot of posture issues when paired with an old wacom tab. Wanted to get a 75% but couldn't find any that I like. I think I'll also be getting a smaller graphics tablet too, so I can have my arms next to each other rather than one on front of my chest, and the other reaching further forward for my keyboard.


    Got up a bit earlier than usual so decided to build this.



    (Sazabi is still better)
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  4. Muinarc
    Those look nice, I bought a "fancy" helping hands a few years ago with 4 arms but they don't adjust as easily as I was hoping :-/

    That's kawaii.
  5. U-3C
    That's probably the reason I like this version of the Sinanju the most. >.<

    See, nothing about these gunpla to be scared of! :p
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  6. Muinarc
    I'm scared because I never finish things like that. Get started then lose interest or get discouraged because it's not 110% perfect and my OCD triggers :p
  7. U-3C
    Nah, you're just overthinking it.

    *slowly looks towards boxes of unfinished/unopened gunpla in corner that has been sitting there for months due to lost of interest/busy life...*

    ...yeah, definitely just overthinking it. :p


    I need. U all need too.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  8. U-3C
    Any of you want a code for FIFA 19 on Origins?

    Got a bunch of codes from EA yesterday that I've been giving out to friends. This is the last one that hasn't found an owner yet. PM if interested...
  9. jgray91
    Nice. Still useless for me bcos licensing.

    That's rough. What's the reason for this time's strike?
  10. U-3C
    Never looked it so I'm not one to talk about it.

    A package has been in the neighboring province for 6 days, unmoved. :/
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  11. FangJoker
    Does this thread cover toku? I love Kamen Rider and sometimes I'll watch Super Sentai, but not every season.
  12. deadlylover
    Had a hailstorm earlier today, Supra took 10+ dents on the hood (not that fussed, Top Secret carbon fibre upgrade time?). 3 medium/large dents on the roof (maybe only $300-400 to fix, but I don't care tooo much).

    Could have been a lot worse, just a few suburbs over people's windscreens got smashed with massive damage to car panels and there was damage to home roof tiles too.

    Been playing Azur Lane lately, I'm surprised how fair it is for a free to play account, no ads too in game. It's a mobile gacha game done right so I might throw them a couple bucks to pay for my share of the server. =P
  13. jgray91
    Don’t say good things about that game and might suck me back in...

    Glad that your car and yourself :p is safe from sky rocks
  14. U-3C
    Officially finished all my housekeeping, bid farewell to my friends and family, and finally revamped my computer setup for the year.

    I now have time to enjoy VR and get some personal projects done.
  15. U-3C
    That sucks. :frowning2:

    Welp, thankfully no major, major damage. It's still damage though.


    So many interesting gacha games out there so I simply don't want to invest any time trying any of them. I'm sure I can enjoy them if I give them a chance but I'll just stick to following the art due to limited time.

    Hard enough to remember checking in every day in LL SIF for the daily login awards with my schedule, so I doubt I'll get far with any new game I try.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018

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