•SOLD• California Pot. Stash •SOLD•
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Feb 13, 2004
All gone since yesterday. I'm down to a bunch of used 50k stereo log tapers for $10 each.


That's right, I'm selling off my potentiometer stash. Everything is unused in the batch and includes mounting hardware. Only a few of the 40mm ALPS "Black Beauty" pots have been installed, but they are still unused. Included are:

6 ALPS 10k stereo balance/linear w/ center detent
2 ALPS 100k stereo volume/log taper
6 Noble 10k stereo volume/log taper
4 TKD 10k mono volume/log taper
4 Vishay 10k stereo volume/log taper
5 Vishay 100k mono unknown taper (probably linear)
1 Allen-Bradley Mod-Pot 50k 3 channel volume/log taper

The rest are a random collection of misc. trim pots and linear faders. I'm looking to sell the lot for SOLD. The ALPS alone are worth it especially as they aren't made anymore and are becoming harder to find.


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