1. Martinrm

    WTB: ZMF Eikon Padauk

    Looking to pick up a pair of ZMF Eikon, pm me if you've got one. Also got Fostex TH-x00's for trade + cash Located in US-OH
  2. newjetplanes

    FS: ZMF X Vibro Mk II - Rusted Zebra LTD Edition w/ Hard Shell Case

    Trying to slim down my collection. Here's a nice, barely used pair of ZMF Vibro MK IIs. These were the limited edition Rusted Zebra variant that were released by Massdrop. I have probably listened to these less than 10 hours all in all. Includes the stock cable, certificate of authenticity, and...
  3. Medicake

    ZMF Eikons in Padauk wood - SOLD

    $1100 Shipped CONUS Hello all, today I will be selling my ZMF Eikons. I really love these headphones but I need to downsize my collection. Includes: Additional Eikon Pads 4-Pin XLR cable (Can swap it out for an audeze 1/4" cable) Original carrying case Pictures:
  4. JoeDoe


    Selling my gorgeous pair of Ori's in the limited run Zebrawood with midnight blue sliders. What you get: Ori Headphones with Ori pads Custom SPOCC braided cable from Impact Audio (matched to sliders!) Seahorse Case Lohb Suspension Strap Price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
  5. Rexr3

    *SOLD* *THIRD PRICE DROP* ZMF - ORI Cocobolo with a SPOCC cable from Dyson Audio

    SOLD ! More full sized pictures can be found here ! - **New pictures Purchased from JoeDoe on Jan 1, 2017 Original post - These have seen minimal use over the...
  6. bentwookiee

    Selling ZMF Ori in Blackwood or Fostex TH900 - Sold

    Sold. Please close post.