1. junki

    FOUND: ZMF Universe Pads

    Looking for an unwanted pair of ZMF Universe pads. Either lambskin or perforated. Will pay $40.
  2. RTF

    SOLD: ZMF Eikon Padauk w/ Auteur Pads

    SOLD Up for sale is a ZMF Eikon in Padauk. They are in VG condition, with no cosmetics on wooden cups or hardware. Some slight signs of wear on the leather headband. I'm not the original owner, I bought them off a fellow headfier a few months ago. They come with 3 sets of Pads: Ori, Eikon, and...
  3. junki

    SOLD: ZMF Ori Perforated Pads

    Less than 10 min of total use. Like new condition. >>>>>> Picture <<<<<< $45 shipped.
  4. junki

    SOLD: ZMF Suede/Vegan Eikon Pads

    I have a pair of ZMF's new vegan Eikon pads that's been sitting on my shelf for a long while now. They're new, never used, and in ZMF's branded wrapping paper. $55 shipped.
  5. TSD13

    SOLD: ZMF Vibro Mk I - One of a Kind Finish

    ZMF Vibro Mk I Great condition. They were never my primary cans, and I haven't used them for awhile so I'm letting them go. One of a kind (maple?) B-stock cups, lambskin pads, leather suspension strap, aluminum paint sliders Includes headphones, 5.5 ft stock cable (single-ended), rubber plugs...
  6. heliosphann

    **SOLD** ZMF Atticus in Padauk

    SOLD For sale is a pair of ZMF Atticus headphones in Padauk wood. These have specially ordered all black hardware (minus the rods) as opposed to the standard silver/grey hardware. These are in excellent condition and have seen very little head time. The left cup has a few very small pits/nicks...
  7. AvijitSingh


    I am interested in Purchasing a Pair of Zmf Eikons I need them to shipped Canada, or If you are in Canada and are selling a pair or planning on selling a pair let me know The wood does not really matter but will affect the price Thank you
  8. AppleheadMay

    SOLD - Eddie Curent Black Widow v2 - 220V

    SOLD I have one of the very few EC BW2 in 220V, in mint condition and original packaging. I am the first owner, you get the invoice as proof. The amp costed $1697.48 shipped + 31% VAT and import so please no lowballing offers. Moreso the amp is no longer made and very few 220V versions have...
  9. jim723

    [Wanted] ZMF Vibro or Blackwood

    I am looking for either the ZMF Vibro or Blackwood in good condition. U.S. deal only. Thanks.
  10. Benz-Fi

    Closed - purchased

    Looking for ZMF Sheepskin pads for my TH-X00 Thanks!
  11. anikalsi

    [SOLD] [FS] Onkyo E900M

    Hi there, posting about some headphones I'm selling! :) Onkyo E900M (£SOLD) : has signs of light usage, comes with all accessories and with the box. Impressions: These are on the brighter, airier side of things, but not obscenely bright (not sibilant). Similar to the Vibro, the bass isn't super...
  12. Elzizo


  13. Elzizo


  14. Silent Xaxal

    WTB: ZMF Blackwood (Read Description)

    Am interested in buying a used ZMF Blackwood with Old Iron sliders. Will only accept offers with the unit having Old Iron sliders. Will add extra cash if it comes with the seahorse case.
  15. Bacon Bits


  16. Roger5

    SOLD: ZMF Eikon (Cherry)

    ZMF Eikon headphones with cherry wood cups and 10' green/pink Ursine Audio 1/4" unbalanced cable. Original owner, very good condition. Pet-free and smoke-free household. Includes original S3 6500 case, ZMF balanced XLR cable, ZMF unbalanced 1/4" TRS cable, and spare Eikon pads. Price includes...
  17. TsKen

    ZMF Atticus Cherry

    Emergency came up this morning, been hit with some unforeseable costs that I need to take care of unfortunately :frowning2:. Really sad to let these go. They were the ideal pair of warm headphones that I've been looking for. Warm with amazing mids and vocals. ZMF Atticus -Second owner...
  18. TsKen

    Please Delete, duplicate thread.

    Duplicate. Created another thread with wood included in title. Please delete!
  19. Luxifer

    ZMF Eikon Cherry (Sale or Trade for Aeon Closed)

    ZMF Eikon: In cherry wood and great condition. No marks on the wood, very minimal wear on headband. The pelican carry case, stock cables in 1/4" and XLR, Eikon pads as well as Ori pads are all included. I am the original owner. See photos from a past reddit thread of mine below. I will take...
  20. 4


    4.5 feet length and 1/4" termination ZMF OFC Cable being sold. These have been practically unused -- they were tested with the Atticus for about 30 minutes, maybe (before I put both the Atticus and the cable back in the box). I will ship these from ND, US, and would like to primarily sell them...
  21. BuddhaBruce

    Price LOWERED, ZMF Eikon in Padauk and RHA CL750

    Hi, I have too many headphones and need to offload a few of them. They are all in pristine condition kept away in packaging in a non smoke environment. They don't get the head time they deserve! I am local to NYC so any local trades can get discounts ___ ZMF...
  22. Mobat

    Sold! Please close

    One of the earcups felt loose so i opened it in an attempt to tighten it. I screwed up and disconnected the soldered wires from the board. A small piece of the board flaked off too when this happened. Im not sure if that ruined the side or not but i was informed it would cost $50 to $100 to...
  23. BuddhaBruce

    ZMF Eikon in Padauk and RHA CL750 (both immaculate condition)

    Hi, I have too many headphones and need to offload a few of them. They are all in pristine condition kept away in packaging in a non smoke environment. They don't get the head time they deserve! I am local to NYC so any local trades can get discounts TIMESTAMP: ___...
  24. Àedhàn Cassiel

    Delete Post?

    Delete post?
  25. Mobat

    ZMF Lambskin Eikon Pads (Sold, thank you HeadFi!)

    I have an extra pair of Eikon pads that I don't need. The price includes shipping and I will add pictures if requested. If someone wants the out of the US, they pay for shipping. For an extra $15 I will include a ZMF leather pilot pad. Thank you.