zmf atticus
  1. heliosphann

    *SOLD* ZMF LTD Atticus Cocobolo (two pads & two cables)

    Selling my much loved ZMF LTD Atticus headphones in cocobolo wood. I am the original owner and these absolute stunners have been a cornerstone in my collection. Unfortunately I need to thin out the herd and cut back on my headphone related gear. One of the most "fun" sounding headphones I've...
  2. ksorota

    Sold - ZMF Atticus Cocobolo RMAF 2019 Demo

    SOLD!!!! Cocobollo Atticus that I received from Zach about a month ago. The headphones were used as a demo set at RMAF 2019 and thus have a few user marks on them. They will come with the stock Ori pads as well as the Eikon Suedes (my prefered pads) Reason I am selling is that I am raising...
  3. H

    WTB ZMF pads in like new condition (Eikon suede, Eikon lambskin, ori suede, hybrid)

    Looking to do some pad rolling with my Eikon and Atticus, looking to get a decent discount on some like new pads. Contribute to my experiment! Please PM if you have sets lying around that you haven’t used (or if some use, minimal) that you’d like to unload. Thanks all.
  4. JoeDoe

    ZMF Atticus Camphor - $OLD

    Selling a clean pair of Camphor's with stock ZMF 1/4" cable and hardcase. 8/10 on Agon scale. No trades. Price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
  5. Wildcatsare1

    ZMF Atticus Mint $675.00 SOLD

    SOLD! Selling my Atticus due to the arrival of the Vérité Closed, one of the best headphones for rock ever made. No trades, please. They are Manchurian Ash, the pictures are posted below.
  6. JoeDoe

    ZMF Atticus Padauk - $OLD

    Selling a super clean Atticus in OG Padauk! These solidified my search for a cocobolo or blackwood version! No blemishes that I can find. Will come with two single-ended cables. One is ZMF OCC to 1/4" and the other is generic Audeze-style to 3.5mm. Will come with stock pads and ZMF Pelican...
  7. JoeDoe

    Wanted: ZMF Auteur, Aeolus, or Atticus

    Looking for an Auteur, Aeolus, or Atticus, in cocobolo, ziricote, or blackwood. PM me!
  8. Amouage

    (SOLD) ZMF Atticus (in Padauk)

    (SOLD) Hi, im looking to sell this used ZMF Atticus in Padauk wood, I got this Atticus from another user on Head-Fi, they didnt put much use on them and i've used them for less than 20 hours. (From a smoke free environment, only indoor use, no pets) They sound incredible, probably the best...
  9. jaker782

    **SOLD**: ZMF Atticus Padauk w/ Balanced Cable

    Due to lack of use of my desktop rig, I've decided to sell my ZMF Atticus in Padauk wood, which are in excellent cosmetic and working condition. I have only had them for a few weeks and used them sparingly indoors in a smoke-free home. These were purchased used from another head-fier, but as...
  10. H

    WTT one-of-a-kind Atticus (very light weight) plus cash for aeolus

    Putting out a feeler to see if anyone is interested in shifting from an open to closed-back. I have a mint atticus that I believe is the only of its kind made by ZMF. It uses the auteur's chassis, which combined with the light weight of the wood makes it one of the lightest models available...
  11. mysticstryk

    FS: ZMF Atticus in Padauk (plus extras) - $750 shipped

    Selling my excellent condition ZMF Atticus in Padauk wood. I am the original owner. Non smoking home. Includes: - Atticus in Padauk wood - stock Ori leather earpads - Seahorse case PLUS: - Updated, lighter weight Auteur headband/gimbals - Upgraded ZMF OFC cable (Your choice of 1/4 or XLR...
  12. pure5152

    [SOLD] FS: ZMF Atticus (Purpleheart)

    Selling a rare Purpleheart ZMF Atticus in like-new condition. I bought this B-Stock directly from Zach in October 2018, and have used it for <10 hours. According to zach, only 5-6 purpleheart atticus/eikon combined were ever made. While it's b-stock, zach mentioned the purpleheart atticus was...
  13. zach915m

    ZMF headphones - LTD Cocobolo and improved 2K Copper

    ZMF LTD Cocobolo and Silk We're excited to release likely our last LTD edition for the year for the auteur, Eikon and atticus in Cocobolo. This super dense, rare and beautiful wood sounds very close to our African Blackwood run but with less weight. The sound is fast with good weight and...
  14. Vanheim

    WTB - ZMF Atticus Camphor

    Looking to purchase a Camphor Atticus, don't mind cosmetic wear. Willing to pay $750 (+pp fees and shipping) Please PM me and let me know if you want to sell a pair! Thanks!
  15. hikaru12

    SOLD - ZMF Atticus Camphor

    Selling my ZMF Atticus. Only owned for about a month or so. While I love a warm/fun signature I'm looking for something else like the Auteur. Comes w/ Ori pads and Microsuede Eikon pads for a more neutral sound. Comes with Pelican case (if you want a discount, I can ship in a regular case)...
  16. heliosphann

    **SOLD** ZMF Atticus in Padauk

    SOLD For sale is a pair of ZMF Atticus headphones in Padauk wood. These have specially ordered all black hardware (minus the rods) as opposed to the standard silver/grey hardware. These are in excellent condition and have seen very little head time. The left cup has a few very small pits/nicks...
  17. GivenTheOkiDoke

    Need Amp/Dac for Atticus

    I need some help with being steered in the right direction on buying an amp/dac. The headphones (On order have not arrived) are ZMF Atticus. Current headphones - ATH MSR7, Fostex THX00 and Fostex TH 610. Current amps/dac - Little Dot 1+, Schiit Magni/Modi 1 and a Meier Corda Jazz FF all being...
  18. TsKen

    ZMF Atticus Cherry

    Emergency came up this morning, been hit with some unforeseable costs that I need to take care of unfortunately :frowning2:. Really sad to let these go. They were the ideal pair of warm headphones that I've been looking for. Warm with amazing mids and vocals. ZMF Atticus -Second owner...
  19. King CATalyst

    Zmf Atticus barnyard cherry with ofc upgrade cable and zmf suede pads

    Made 12/21/17 in great condition no blemishes that I've noticed, comes with stock cable and stock pads plus a zmf ofc upgrade cable and and suede pads. Pay pal and shipping included.
  20. Àedhàn Cassiel

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  21. Phantaminum

    SOLD - ZMF Atticus Purpleheart wood

    Selling a unique pair off Atticus that Zach made out of beautiful Purpleheart wood. These headphones look and sound fantastic. I realized that I’m really looking for an open set of cans more in line with an already quiet environment. These will be shipped in their pelican case, single and...
  22. dunkyboy

    ZMF Atticus in cherry

    These are the pinnacle of ZMF's tonally-rich, smooth, musical sound. Got this gorgeous ex-demo pair from Zach at ZMF just two weeks ago. They're in perfect, like-new condition and sounds great. Only selling because I find the Eikon more to my tastes. Comes with standard ZMF cable with 1/4"...
  23. cossix

    Want to Audition: TH900 mk2/ZMF Atticus

    Not sure if people do this but I was hoping somebody would be willing to lend either TH900 mk2 or ZMF Atticus for 1 week. I've completed a similar deal with a highly rated member and his HD800 and amplifier, along with other various accessories. I would share their username upon request if you...
  24. heliosphann

    WTB: ZMF Atticus

    Looking to buy a ZMF Atticus. Either Cherry or Padauk. Price will depend on the type of wood, condition, etc... PM me if you're looking to sell yours. Thanks.