1. paullindqvist

    Questions regarding upgrading to Dacmagic Plus or Yulong D100 Mk II

    Hi!   Im soon looking to upgrade my Audinst HUD-MX1 DAC, while i like the sound im getting from it. Im sure i could get some more out of my speakers with a higher quality DAC, well that's what intend to find out anyway!    Some requirements:   Budget: 420 Euro (max)   Outputs...
  2. Edouard

    FS : Yulong D100 Dac/Amp : 300€ ALL IN

    Hi everyone, i'm selling my yulong dac which is in excelent  condition and works perfectly fine! I bought it on ebay seven months ago Feel free to ask questions.   Comes in its original box with manual, power cord and  an usb cable    The price is 300€ all in (paypal and secured...
  3. jgonino

    FS: Yulong D100

    Hello!   Selling a barely used Yulong D100 I purchased new last year. Included with sale is the unit, a power cable, and a USB cable.    Price is $375 shipped CON-USA via USPS insured. 
  4. D

    FS: Yulong D100 ASRC DAC

    For sale is a new Yulong D100 DAC/Amp. This is the Mark I model with the TI TAS1020B USB receiver. The box was only opened to verify that the unit was functioning properly and no issues surfaced during my short audition. Included is the unit itself, power cable, usb cable, and user's manual.  ...
  5. Man7rah

    FS: Mint Yulong D100

    Kinda sorry to see this go to be honest, but I've just made a pretty substancial audio purchase (for my wallet atleast) so this needs to go to recover it. I'm from Norway so take shipping into concideration and also add 3% if you want to pay with paypal. Any questions are happily answered by...
  6. idruke

    BUYING: Yulong D100

    I'm in the United States. Looking forward to responses. Thanks!
  7. Man7rah

    WTB: Yulong D100 (MK II) (240V version)

    Sadly, my FiiO E17 just died and I've been wanting to upgrade for some time anyways, my E17 was my only amp/dac I have so I'm dying to get a new amp here! Throw me a price at anywhere from 300-400$ and I'll respond probably within the day ( I'm on here alot lately )   I'm from Norway so...
  8. Staal

    Yulong D100 [EU]

    For sale is my Yulong D100. I'm the second owner and I've had it for a few days. The owner before me had it placed in his speaker system, and it wasn't moved around.   I'm selling this as it disagreed with my desktop PC. It worked great with my Macbook Pro, and I took it to a friends house...
  9. jronan2

    Yulong D100 MK1

    Up for sale is my Yulong D100 Version 1. This unit is in perfect working order, and in excellent condition. I don't see any scratches or sign of wear, easily 9/10 condition. I bought this from a highly regarded head fi member, Morbidtoaster, a while back. I do not have any documentation, just...
  10. project86

    REVIEW: Yulong D100 MKII DAC - an update to an already excellent device

      Yulong D100 MKII       A few years back I did a fairly extensive evaluation of the Yulong D100. It was my first experience with the brand and I was exceedingly impressed with its performance – so much so that I’ve tried almost all the Yulong products since then. Each has been...
  11. perfect-pitch

    Yulong D100 DAC / Headphone amp *Like new*

  12. EraserXIV

    FS: Yulong D100 MKII - NEWEST VERSION, Mint condition, AS NEW!

    Looking to sell my Yulong D100 MKII. This is the newest version of the well regarded DAC on Head-Fi, you can find out a lot more about it in project86's review.   It's a superb DAC with a ton of features, and definitely hits well above its asking price. The integrated amp is also...
  13. Alitaher2009

    Headphone for yulong D100 MK11 Amp

    i am looking for  under 1000$ Cans for yulong D100 My music genres will be Pop, electronica and some classical. currently i am using Sennheiser hd595.   Any suggestions will be welcomed.
  14. billerb1

    Yulong D100 MKII with Denon headphones ?

    Looking to upgrade from my Total Bithead to the Yulong D100 MKII with my Denon D5000's.  I've read that it's a good/great match but the info has been pretty general.  Would love to hear some specific feedback on how the Yulong is with the D5000's...or with the D7000's or D2000's.  I have been...
  15. redchoco

    Which option is best for me? (HELP for NEWBIE)

    Hello all head-fiers, I need some help about my new system.   I'm so interesting about the HE-500 in these days. I think I will get the HE-500 soon.   So now I'm considering about dac, and amp. I heard the HE-500 needs some powerful amp. But, the thing is I'm totally newbie in this area...
  16. Roykim

    Upgrade from Fiio E10

    Hi, everybody,   I am very new to digital music, and current solution is BenQ laptop + Fiio E10 + HD598 & ATH M30. So far the sound is acceptable, but I am looking for a DAC which can make the sound much better than from E10.   My requirements and budget are following: Budget is < US$...
  17. knwtmsyn

    I Have No Idea What I'm Doing, Please Help. (DT990 Amp/DAC)

    I just bought a pair of DT990's(600 ohm), great right? Well I have virtually no knowledge of what an amp is, never mind a good one.   Here's the plan,   I want to come out from my Mac Mini with an optical cable, then connect directly to a combination DAC/Amp that is a great quality...
  18. Alitaher2009

    Audeze LCD2 and yulong D100 MK11

    Hello,  i am upgrading from my current setup sennheiser 595 to the Audeze lcd2 and yulong D100 Dac plus amp. its considered a very DAC and amp combo for under 500$. Will this will a good match. any suggestions  will be welcomed.         thanks.
  19. 2Erly

    D7000, decision...

    After doing a bunch of searching and basically frying my brain, I decided to just ask. Im going to purchase some Denon D7000 headphones next week and I need an amp/dac as I will be running it from my macbook pro. Im not coming from a long audio history, so Im a bit Novice. After searching the...
  20. bobthedragon

    Need to buy a DAC with amp

    I am a bit confused, hoping someone can help here. I will start with my requirements, most of my music are on the computer, so DAC is a must. Some of them are lossless, and I have some MP3 as well. I listen to all types of music. I also watch some movies through headphone so that I won’t disturb...
  21. carminedemaria

    Advice Amp for Denon AH-D2000

    hi friend,i'm italian excuse me for my english i need amp for my denon ah-d2000 budget max 1000€   i returned Burson ha160D for noise problem(but sound is incredible)   PLEASE friend,help me Thanks.   Carmine.
  22. yogibeezwax

    DAC/AMP for Beyer DT990 (watching movies and TV)

    Actually I need some help..I'm totally new to audiophile sound but I now own a couple of "fairly" High-end headphone. Here is my setup: Shure 535 IEM Sennheiser IE8 Beyerdynamics DT900 edition (600Ohms) NuForce uDac2   I want to be able to power the Beyer dt990's from my desktop...
  23. ramarge3653

    Help with selecting a DAC

    Hello,   I’m considering on purchasing my first DAC, but I really don’t know where to start.  First let me explain and detail my current setup.   It’s a vinyl setup TT: VPI Scoutmaster with a Dynavector 17D3 cartridge Phono stage: Aesthetix Rhea (tube phone/pre) Marantz PM11S2...
  24. Axonn

    Please tell me if buying NuForce Icon HDP is a good call

    Hello everybody ::- ).   The NuForce Icon HDP is within my price range for my first headphones DAC+Amp.   I've heard good things about it here on this Forum. Has the situation remained the same?   Would you recommend something more expensive? Note that I don't want 2 separate...
  25. Biscuitz

    NuForce Icon HD or the Yulong D100 MKII?

    I need a bit of help picking out a reasonably priced headphone amp & DAC, seeing as I listen to my music solely on my computer. I'm sporting Grado SR325i's, and I've done a bit of research on the NuForce Icon HDP and the Yulong D100 MKII, both of which are in my price range. However, since I'm...