1. Hghuy

    WTB earbuds(Blox tm7,sony mdr-e282,mdr-e484,mdr-e565,aiwa-v99,aiwa-v9,aiwa-v11,aiwa hp-d9)

    I want to buy these earbuds(:)sony Mdr-e282,aiwa-v99,aiwa-v9,aiwa-v11,aiwa hp-d9)or ny vintage earbud!.Please give me your offer!:D
  2. Hghuy

    Rockit-r50 trade for earbuds (yuin ok1,blox tm7,blox anv3,sony mdr-e484,464,aiwa hp-d9)

    Up for trade a mint condition r-50 With all acessories,used less than 30hrs .this is amazing IEM but i prefer earbuds.i can trade for hi end earbuds(yuin ok1,blox tm7,blox anv3,sony mdr-e484,464,472,aiwa hp-d9) if the earbuds you trade are pricier ,we will negotiate the compensation!
  3. Yuin OK1 Earphones

    Yuin OK1 Earphones

    * Earbuds / In-ear Earphone Convertible design * Neutral sound signature * Best high extension in earphone product