1. WaveRider69

    Best headphones for Producing/Mastering?

    Is the most balanced headphone the way to go?  Or a headphone more suited for a specific genre?  I am using these primarily for EDM.   At first I was thinking the most balanced and flat headphone was the way to go, but then i got to thinking.  Most people out there have audio...
  2. ludoo

    Yamaha RH5-ma, best sleeper of 2009?

    Over in the ortho thread some of us have developed a real affection for the Yamaha house sound, which usually involves sweet mids and a warm, full sound. It was probably inevitable then that sooner or later one of us decided to investigate the current Yamaha lineup of dynamic phones. Kabeer...
  3. sirusblack

    Best neutral, closed, and not Made in China-Taiwan headphones ?

    Hi everyone,   Like the title says, I'm looking for neutral, closed and not Made in China (or Taiwan etc.) headphones. If possible that doesn't need amp, but not necesserily, I want to know both. And of course, less expensive it is, better it is.   I'm posting in full-size section...
  4. Akella

    WTB: Yamaha rh5ma

    Hello. WTB these headphones in good condition.
  5. rhythmdevils

    FS: Yamaha RH5MA in original box (great budget phone - can mod them for you or leave stock)

    I bought these to give to someone, but didn't wind up doing it and want to get rid of my collection.  They're great phones for the price.  Very well balanced with good tone and a good midrange.  I can do a simple mod to make them sound significantly better by putting a ring of tak under the pads...
  6. moouers

    Good headphones for a person who wears glasses, under $50.

    I am looking to buy a pair of headphones for my sister when I visit her in a few weeks. I recently learned that the only method available to her to listen to music is through her laptop speakers. She absolutely loves music (flute performance major), so I know she'd love something with higher...
  7. NickAcrobat

    Best headphones for 50 bucks?

    My choices are skullcandy Hesh, skullcandy Agents, Koss UR50, or Koss R80.   If anyone knows of anything better than these close to $50-$60 please let me know.   Im looking for a headphone that covers the ear, with minimal leakage, and low frequency response like less than 20 Hz. Thanks.
  8. lindrone

    REVIEW: Yamaha RH5ma

    First, I have to apologize for not getting this review out sooner. I've been way too busy with other work lately, and chose to just put this on the back burner until I have got some time freed up. RH5ma was a hot topic of debate for a little while. There were very few experiences with them...
  9. samtr87

    Yamaha RH-5M replacement earpads

    Hi, I posted this in the accessories section, but it wasn't getting any views. I don't usually double post but maybe someone here can help me.   I found a pair of Yamaha RH-5M headphones that my dad bought in the 90s, and from what I can tell he never used them before. But due to time the...
  10. Veemo

    What good are headphones that don't stay on your head?

    Hello all!    I have a pair of Yamaha RH5MA's and I truly enjoy their sound! The problem is that they have no grip on my head; if I don't sit very still with my head level they slide off forward or backward. I mostly use them sitting at my computer, but if I'm moving about with them plugged...
  11. Akella

    Yamaha rh5ma vs Ultrasone 450 vs Ultrasone 650

    I'm looking for budget headphone but i need deep and good bass, mids and trebles should be good too. I prefer open hp's but if there is no any good so will use closed one.   I found only these headphones. So what you think about them?
  12. Yamaha RH5MA Semi Open Headphones

    Yamaha RH5MA Semi Open Headphones

    Yamaha RH5MA headphones are the undisputed professional choice in many studios across the globe. Like Yamaha's universally accepted NS10M monitor cabinets, think of the RH5M as as a standard reference monitor. They are that good. Their audio performance includes 98dB sensitivity, ultra-low 32...