1. LearningToFly

    great forward sounding, energetic headphones for iPhone?

    Hi!!   I have a Beyer DT770 32ohm limited edition pair and now looking for a more energetic, forward sounding set to enjoy those moods and genres. My usage will be with my iPhone 5, but if an amp will significantly help, may consider (perhaps the FiiO E12?) It is the carrying of multiple...
  2. monkeyboylee

    Yamaha Pro 500 for Sennheiser Momentum (over ear)

    Hiya, looking to try something new so would like to trade my 8 month old Yamaha Pro 500 black in as new condition, fully boxed, the works for some similar condition Sennheiser Momentums (over ear), anywhere in Europe but UK preferred for shipping reasons! Cheers, Lee
  3. monkeyboylee

    Yamaha Pro 500 Black - 10mths old + warranty - REDUCED

    Hiya, I'm looking to try something different to my Yamaha pro 500's, black fully boxed only 10 months old with warranty, immaculate condition, no marks whatsoever, fully boxed, all bits and bobs. Looking for £125 including postage within uk. Possible trade + cash for W1000X???? Possible trade +...
  4. gelocks

    SURPRISED! Monster NCredible N-Pulse are kicking my... (General musings/Impressions/Reviews/etc. thread)

    Hello everyone.   I was searching the boards to see if anyone had tried these headphones and commented on them but didn't see anything. Seems no one has noticed about this new entry from Monster. Well, I was randomly browsing on Amazon and somehow ended on their page for these headphones. I...
  5. Yamaha PRO 500

    Yamaha PRO 500

    High-Fidelity Premium Over-Ear Headphones The PRO 500 headphones deliver a sound so extraordinary – so real, so clear, so enveloping – it makes your pulse run faster and sends shivers down your spine. It transports you to another time and place. Ultra-premium drivers, mobile-optimized for...