1. LightDarkSonic

    Thinking about upgrading my amp (HD 598, DT 880, Yamaha Pro 400)

    Hi, Have a E17 at the moment and thinking about upgrading, I'm thiking in getting a Magni 2 or Magni 2 Uber, don't know which one, also I'm open to more suggestions, maybe buying a DAC too. Will be used to power an HD 598, DT 880 and a Yamaha Pro 400 mainly
  2. posteriorpounde

    No-Amp Headphone Recs

    Looking for a $300 pair of closed/semi-closed headphones that sound great without an amplifier. Some features I'm looking for are   Amp-less: I will be driving these out of a laptop/portable media player. I don't plan on purchasing an amp soon so scalability is not an issue for me. I'd just...
  3. heyalbert

    Yamaha Pro 400 Piano Black

    I have a pair of Yamaha PRO 400 Headphones in Piano Black that I got as a gift. Used for less than 5 hours, comes with original box, and everything else that came in the box (2 different cables, cleaning cloth, carrying case, stickers, etc) Looking more for cash, but might be willing to trade...
  4. tseliottt

    Yamaha PRO Headphones.

    Has anyone tried these yet? I know they look a bit like Beats, but Yamaha is known for creating the most legendary studio monitors in the world: the NS10. Their IEMs have a very strong following as well. I'm curious to see if their expertise translates to full size headphones.      ...
  5. kjk1281

    Yamaha Debuts PRO Series Premium Headphone Line

    On August 27, Yamaha Corporation of America announced a new line of mainstream portable headphones. These include the $199.95 PRO 300, the $299.95 PRO 400, and the $399.95 PRO 500. The PRO 300 comes with a fixed cable with inline mic, while the larger PRO 400 and PRO 500 come with detachable...
  6. Yamaha PRO 400

    Yamaha PRO 400

    High-Fidelity Over-Ear Headphones If music is your passion, Yamaha designed the PRO 400 headphones for you. They don’t merely deliver sound to your ears, they create the sensation of being there – in your favorite studio session, at an unforgettable concert, or lost in a universe that only...