1. 04gto

    <SOLD> EMU Teak Brazilian Rosewood Cups WTS

    Hi everyone I am offering a beautiful set of Brazilian Rosewood Cups for the EMU Teak headphones. They have been used carefully since new, 8 out of 10 condition. With only minor visible blemishes on each cup (captured best as possible in photos). Come from smoke free, pet free, bug free and...
  2. boneburglar

    WTS Fostex TR-X00 Mahogany

    looking to sell my X00. I got it brand new last July and it doesn’t have any obvious signs of wear. I can post pictures later or send them via dm later as well. Let me know if you have any questions! This headphone is discontinued from Drop, so you can only really get it used now. NO TRADES.
  3. TonySunshine

    [SOLD] E-MU Teak + Dekoni Pads

    Hi All up for sale is a lightly used pair of E-MU Teaks, based on the fostex th-x00. I am the first and only owner, bought directly from massdrop in May 2018. These have never been outside, and had a head time of about 100 hours. These have a partial lawton tune up applied - only the driver...
  4. sysfail

    (SOLD) WTS/FS: Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 w/ Stock + ZMF Ori Pads

    The headphones are in excellent condition with a couple slight blemishes as shown in a couple of the photos. Not obvious unless you look for it. The pads, leather, cable, etc. are all in perfect condition. It has been spending most of its time on a headphone stand in a closed cabinet since I...
  5. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00 Purpleheart w/extras

    SOLD!! I bought these new at the end of September and they have only been used lightly since. As such, they are in very good condition. These are the newest, removable cable model. Will come with original cable and pouch but will not come with the original box. The original box is not made to...
  6. Bmxant

    Looking at multiple amps and dacs, and still quite unsure.

    Hey all, I've been considering the following for my TR-X00 Ebony, possibly just an Amp hooked up to my Xonar STX as that would be cheaper and "okay" I believe. Gustard H10 Asgard 2 Magni 3 NFB-11.28 R2R-11 JDSLabs O2 Aune X7S Lyr 3 The cheaper the better of course, but even with all of the...
  7. interweb-tech

    [SOLD] Dekoni Fostex X00 Fenestrated Sheepskin Pads (Massdrop Edition)

    [SOLD] Brand new never mounted. Bought them off Massdrop but while waiting for them to arrive, I discovered ZMF Ori pads. So when they did finally arrive, I didn't want to swap out the Oris. Essentially the same product marked as compatible with the TH900 on Dekoni's site goes for $80. PP...
  8. K1030

    [SOLD] Detachable TH-X00 Mahogany w/ extras.

    Modified to 2.5mm detachable profesionally. Comes with 4.5ft 2.5mm TRRS balanced terminated cable (shortened and reterminated stock), 5.5ft ZMF stock style dual 2.5mm to balanced 4-pin XLR, custom headstrap that really adds to comfort / sound quality by sealing pads around the ears, and a...
  9. 4

    [WTB] EMU Teaks with detachable cable [H] Paypal

    As the title says, I'm interested in purchasing the EMU Teak with detachable cables. Doesn't really matter what wood they are (can be Ebony, Teak, etc.), as long as it's in good condition. If you have these and you are interested in selling them, send me a PM.
  10. 4

    [SOLD] NEW E-MU Teak w/Removable cable

    Made an order on the E-MU Teaks with detachable cables on Massdrop for $499. I'm willing to transfer the purchase to someone else, before the unit ships July 27th, with a reduction of $50 from the original price as well, down to $450. It includes free shipping worldwide. For more information...