1. FanaticSankey

    #WTS Empire Ears Bravado + New IEM as freebie

    In mint condition. -Under warranty -Comes with Effect Audio Ares (8 wire) 2.5mm Balanced -All original packaging available. -Including a unused IEM as a freebie. PLEASE PM ME.
  2. basketcase14240

    [WTS][USA-NYC, Long Island] Sennheiser HD800-S, Used, $1050 Shipped PayPal/950$ Local

    So the username in the pictures is my reddit username from this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/AVexchange/comments/bklhu2/wtsusanyc_long_island_sennheiser_hd800s_used_1050/ Please contact via Reddit post for you're safety, making sure you follow AVexchange subreddit guidelines...
  3. adolchristin

    [WTS][USA-NC][H] K7XX HD6XX Modded DT880 Sundara [W] Paypal / Trade for DT1990 Pro/K712 Pro

    Pulled the trigger on the Massdrop x Koss Electrostats and a pair of Etymotic ER4XR today so I need to fund these purchases. Buy my gently used well loved headphones (from a non-smoking home). All prices are shipped to the United States via USPS. Not looking to ship internationally. *...
  4. Wifiman


    Mint condition Arya, brought Feb 13 with 1 year warranty. Price doesn't include paypal fee & shipping.
  5. Wifiman

    (Price dropped)Cayin iha6 Balanced Amp/Hongkong

    Mint condition. Fully working order. Fees and shipping not included.
  6. adolchristin

    SOLD - JDS Labs Atom/Ol DAC Optical Edition Stack

    SOLD Like new JDS Labs Atom Amp with Ol DAC Optical Edition stack. Sound is great, I just prefer my Topping A30/D30 stack. Looking for $200 shipped USPS anywhere in the USA. Presently I'm not interested in splitting this stack up so don't ask. https://imgur.com/a/vvD1xf0
  7. adolchristin

    SOLD Hifiman Sundara In Like New Condition - $300 USD

    I have a pair of basically new Hifiman Sundara headphones that I'm looking to sell. The sound on these is great but I just find myself reaching for my K702s more often. Comes with all original accessories including the registration paperwork. Looking for $300 shipped USPS to the United States...
  8. Wifiman

    SOLD Aune s7 balanced amp

    Mint condition, fully working order. Price doesn't include paypal fee or shipping
  9. Wifiman

    Hifiman HE560v2

    Brought in March 2018 from China. Mint condition rarely used. Headphones only without packaging. Price include paypal fee.
  10. adolchristin

    WTS - Schiit Stack (Magni 3/Modi 3/Eitr/SYS)

    EDIT: SOLD I've upgraded to a Jotunheim with a balanced DAC so no more need for this pile of Schiit. These items are as new; they were unpacked and setup on my bedside table and have not been moved since. https://i.imgur.com/aOvUJse.jpg The pile includes the following: Magni 3 Modi 3 SYS...
  11. adolchristin

    WTS Massdrop Plus w/ Extras - $275 shipped CONUS

    Great set of IEMs but I upgraded to Campfire Andromedas so these need a new home. Extras include: iFi iEMatch which is practically necessary for these sensitive IEMs Null Audio brevity cable w/ case (the stock cable is trash) Small/Medium Spinfit tips which fit this nozzle The Massdrop Plus...
  12. adolchristin

    SOLD HE4XX - In great condition $125 Shipped to US

    EDIT: Sold on /r/AVexchange Title pretty much says it all. I've got a pair of Massdrop x HiFiMan that I've been using for a couple of weeks at work that I'm looking to sell for $125 shipped. They work great, sound is amazing considering the price but they are very VERY open so they aren't a...
  13. FanaticSankey


    For sale IN INDIA ONLY, Audeze LCD2 Classic -Used less than 10 Hrs in total.(25 songs) -3 months old -Under warranty (3 years) -Invoice available -Original Box with all packaging available. -Including a custom Silver 4 PIN XLR balanced cable. Reason for Sale: switching to portable setup...
  14. negramurcia

    WTS hifiman hm-650 with iem & power II cards.

    Hi. I want to sell my hifiman hm-650 dap with iem and power II cards. Box and accesories (power,lod..).Signs of use,protect screen. I ask 250€. Best.
  15. Carrow

    WTS/WTT: Earbuds (Rolling Thread)

    So since I'm more interested in earbuds these days, I've opened myself up to the idea of having a rotating stable of buds in my collection. For now I am selling the following earbuds, all stock - I'm open to trades if you have buds of similar calibre to offer :) K's 64U (Red) €7.50 HE150 Pro...
  16. Carrow

    [TRADED] Blur Ultimate Brokee Earbud (Balanced/Prototype)

    I don't want to have to do this, but I am having to sell my barely-used Blur Ultimate Brokee prototype. Why? Well, I agreed to purchase it off Wong Kuan Wae when I was still in possession of a working balanced DAP. They arrived last month after a slight delay - and then the DAP in question...
  17. Noirkw91


    Have a pristine condition Ed X V2 Comes with box and stock cables. Selling because I am moving back to portables Prices includes shipping worldwide and fees Receipt will be shown. PayPal Verified Addresses only *Please be advised that the Ed-X box is the old V1 box, but the phones are the V2...
  18. Zerousen

    WTS: LZ A5 (Mint condition)

  19. denox

    FS: Mint Teac AI-101DA DAC / Amplifier

    +++SOLD+++ I am selling gently used Teac AI-101DA. This dac/amp has been used sparingly for less than a year, overall in great condition. Asking price $150 shipped, dac/amp comes with power and USB cable only. Selling due to system upgrade. Thank you for reading. Images https://imgur.com/a/47t6R
  20. AndoH

    [FS] Noble Audio K10 CIEM

    This is the original K10, not the encore CIEMS. The one I am selling is not available for the OTS, because I am the second owner. You can easily reshell these via other companies. Comes in original packaging. Shipping and Paypal fees not included PM for more details. Thanks for looking!