1. hotsnacx

    ********sold [WTS] [USA-TX] [H] 177X GO [W] $330

    Selling my 1 week old 177X go. Not interested in trades, clean, barely used, open-box PayPal - Shipped - I pay fees
  2. hotsnacx

    *********sold[WTS] [USA-TX] [H] S8Z [W] $385

    Hello, Getting rid of fearless. As I am working from home, no need for IEMS. Sticking with over ears for now. Like new, purchased from Linsoul and received last week. https://imgur.com/a/6ww3P5D shipped conus you pay fees
  3. hotsnacx

    ******sold [WTS] [USA-TX] [H] S8F [W] $315

    Hi! Up for sale is my s8f, like-new condition. Purchased from begin-audio on ebay new recently. https://imgur.com/a/KnAmI4s shipped conus buyer pays fees
  4. magicguy

    [SOLD] Effect Audio Horus 2 pins / 2.5mm

    SOLD Hi folks, Up for sale is an Effect Audio Horus cable 2 pins, 2.5 terminated. Asking 0€, PayPal fees and Shipping FedEx express/DHL included. 0€ if PayPal friends, Shipping FedEx express/DHL included. I'm based in France, Paris. Cheers, Guy
  5. hotsnacx

    ********sold [WTS] [USA-TX] [H] SENDY AIVA [W] $350

    https://imgur.com/a/ZdlJ7Pm Just bought these here. Wore them for work tonight. Not for me. On to the next thing. Shipped CONUS
  6. hotsnacx

    *******sold [WTS] [USA-TX] [H] ZMF AEOLUS [W] $875

    I purchased a used Aeolus from here awhile back and noticed something wrong with the driver. I sent it into Zach for repair and he replaced brand new drivers, refinished cups and put new gimbals on it. Shipped conus
  7. hotsnacx

    *******sold [WTS] [USA-TX] [H] JQ HUA JIANG [W] $540

    Up for sale is my HUA JIANG Love this set. The trinity of drivers: 2EST + 6BA + 1DD PRODUCT PAGE PayPal. you pay fees and shipping please
  8. hotsnacx

    *********sold [WTS] [USA-TX] [H] LEGACY 9 [W] $500

    Hi friends, Up for sale is my L9. I can provide order number from Linsoul and email. Just keeping my rotation open and trying out different IEMs. PHOTOS PRODUCT PAGE Shipped conus
  9. hotsnacx

    ********sold [WTS][USA-TX] [H] meze 99 classics [W] $180

    Hi again! FS MEZE 99 CLASSICS WALNUT WOOD [W] $180 Shure pads trying to fund internal ear monitor, these are basically brand new shipped conus
  10. justsomesonyfan


  11. hotsnacx

    *******sold [WTS] Itsfit Lab Fusion [W] $500

    Hey all, Up for sale is a Lab Fusion: was purchased from a user here on headfi, I enjoyed it but I can give someone a great deal on it and I enjoy the transaction. I am third owner. Item has been passed around a bit here on head-fi. Sound quality is great and condition is like new. item page...
  12. hotsnacx

    *******SOLD [WTS] [USA-TX] [H] ABYSS DIANA PHI [W] $2400

    Hello friends and family I recently purchased a demo unit from AV Boutique https://imgur.com/a/eB0rkHs It’s just a really high end item that I am not ready for. Doesn’t look right laying around my rental property lol deserves a better home! Has some wear shown in pics. Has been UV cleaned...
  13. hotsnacx

    *****SOLD [WTS] [USA-TX] [H] SMSL SP200 [W] $200

    I was recently talked into purchasing a monolith 887 so I need to get rid of my beloved sp200. https://imgur.com/a/Npp39Ng Asking $200 OBO shipped CONUS w PayPal
  14. hotsnacx

    *******SOLD [USA-TX] [H] SONY IER-Z1R [W] $1,300

    I have a used pair of Sony IER-Z1R headphones. https://imgur.com/a/3hk0tUE Recently purchased before the weekend, I have to decided these were not going to get enough head time with me and I want to fund another pair of over ears. receipt with original purchase date included, all accessories...
  15. S

    WTS Aeon 2 Closed w/ Extra Cables - $OLD

    Timestamp and pictures: https://imgur.com/a/QzgyrHs I have a pair of Aeon 2 Closed in excellent condition that come with all the original accessories (original box, carry case, filters, stock cable (in 3.5mm w/ 1/25" adapter, warranty papers) as well as a couple extra cables. I have the stock...
  16. fallooffie

    *SOLD* WTS Campfire Audio Solaris IEM and other accessories

    SOLD Hello all. Getting back into car audio so I now have up for sale, original owner, excellent condition Campfire Audio Solaris IEM’s packaged with original cable, packaging/accessories along with more goodies! These were purchased new from Bloom Audio 8-21-19. The Solaris IEM’s are in like...
  17. adolchristin

    VSonic GR07 Classic Detachable Cable

    Looking to sell my beloved VSonic GR07 Classic Detachable Cable. I haven't used it much since I got myself an Etymotic ER2XR. It comes with all the original accessories and packaging. I'll also include a pack of Spinfit CP100 medium tips which I think are perfect for these headphones...
  18. blogfellito11

    FS: (MINT) Shure S846 Bronze + Bluetooth Cable - Never USED **DROP PRICE

    OPEN BOX! Never used (Basically New) I opened the box myself just out for curiosity! The external box has been opened, but the headphones have never been used, I bought them by mistake On Dec 2019. They contain all the original accessories. __________________________________________ Item will...
  19. jordannn15

    [WTS] Like new Argon Mk3 [W] PayPal

    Like new condition Argon Mk3 headphones with protein pads and deerskin strap. They come with original box, cable, pads, and cable. Also included is a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter, cable terminating in a 1/4", and a vmoda 3.5mm cable. Price is $325 shipped to the US. I will ship internationally if you...
  20. iBo0m

    [WTS] Triton, Satin, Noble Audio cables

    Hi, available for sale is: Triton Audio 24.5AWG copper (1.3 m), mmcx, 3.5mm - $110. Satin Audio Hyperion, mmcx, 3.5mm - $55. Noble Audio, 2pin, 3.5mm - $35. Condition: all of the cables are in a new-like condition. Termination: 3.5mm jack. In case you buy them all the price is $160.
  21. adolchristin

    SOLD Shure SE535 In Like New Condition $275

    Edit: SOLD on Reddit I bought these a few weeks ago here on head-fi and liked them so much I upgraded to the SE846. These are the bronze model with no scratches on the IEMs and I have all the original accessories (including eartips; I used my own spinfits). I'm looking for $275 shipped to the...
  22. FanaticSankey


    Selling off my complete portable setup: 1) Empire Ears Bravado : The most amazing bass I have heard bar none under 1000USD with great treble extension and slightly recessed mids. Very Musical and Engaging IEM which engulfs you with aural bliss. Very wide soundstage and has amazing imaging for...
  23. FanaticSankey

    [FS] : Master & Dynamic ME05 ( unused/ sealed)

    Selling a sealed pair of M&D ME05 Bronze edition. Unit is located in India but can ship anywhere @ buyer's expense and risk. PAYPAL accepted ( buyer pays for commission)
  24. denox

    Mint mint mint Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2

    I have Sierra-2 for sale if someone interested. They comes with Cardas speaker bindings, Stands, box and all accessories. See my ad posted at usaudiomart for pictures. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649531089-ascend-acoustics-sierra2/ Asking $1200, buyer cover shipping fee.
  25. adolchristin

    WTS Philips Fidelio X2HR and AKG K712 Pro

    I've upgraded to a pair of HD800S so I'm looking for a new home for my beloved AKG K712 Pros. They're in great shape; the silver is a little faded on the logo but that just happens with these cans. Headband is fully intact (even the clear plastic sliders are not broken). They sound great and...