wooden cups
  1. Huckster

    SOLD Grado SR225 Custom Deep Cups Wooden Headphones vintage rare bassy

    Evening everyone, I am offering my vintage deep bowl customized Grados for sale. I purchased these second hand off this site probably around 2008 and have enjoyed them, but its time to pass them on. They have a great sound and because the wooden housing is deeper than many Grado models & custom...
  2. OldDude04

    CLOSED - Monoprice Monolith M1060C Wooden Ear Cups

    CLOSED Hey all, I was wondering if any of you that have converted your M1060C to open back would be willing to sell me your wooden cups? I sold my M1060C a long time ago and didn't really give them a shot as open backs because I loved my modded M1060's so much already. Well, I bought another...
  3. zato23

    (Sold) BossHifi B8 Wooden Headphones

    BossHifi B8 Wooden Headphones in mint condition i didnt used them for more than 5 hours because they are big for my head when i received them the cable was problematic so the cable you see on pics is an aftermarket cable (115cm) Price is 53 euros shipped
  4. fleasbaby

    Trade for Beyerdynamic DT880 or DT770

    Hi All, I am looking to trade Grado-style wooden cups for a pair of Beyerdynamics. I am after, specifically, the DT880 or the DT770, but will consider other models. 250 ohms or lower is preferred. I have several different pairs of cups available in Mahogany, in several different styles. We can...
  5. pezhore

    Modified Grado SR80e

    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum... As a (late) Christmas gift to myself, I finally finished modding my Grado SR80e headphones. Everything but the stock gimbals and drivers were replaced. Parts/Materials: Thinner Steel band, Aluminum blocks, Leather band (All from rholupat) Zebrawood...
  6. Shipibo Audio Padded Leather Headbands, Wooden Cups, Aluminum Rod Blocks, and Aluminum Gimbals

    Shipibo Audio Padded Leather Headbands, Wooden Cups, Aluminum Rod Blocks, and Aluminum Gimbals

    Industrial art is thriving right now. In the technology world, Apple’s unqualified successful metal and glass marvels have designs that harken back to the silver-faced stereo gear of the 1970’s. When placed side by side with black plastic alternatives, it’s easy to see what most people will...