1. nageonix

    Need an advice for setting up a closed, comfort, light weight full-size headphone set

    I have just resided in Japan for my graduated study.  I plan to set up a small set of full size for using in front of my PC.   Normally I spend around 8hrs a day in a computer sci research laboratory. I have several limitations which are following   I) There are a plenty of...
  2. sphinxvc

    SE (single-ended) Tube Amplifers

    List of SE all-tube amplifiers (as of April 2011).   Cary SLI80 Signature - $3,500 Leben CS-300X (push-pull) - $3,295 Woo Audio 5-LE - $2500 Zana Deux SE - $2200 DNA Sonett - $1200 Woo Audio 2 (OTL) - $1090 Woo Audio 6-SE - $1050 Decware Zen TABOO - $995  Darkvoice 337SE - $899...
  3. dannie01

    Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

    Hi buddy, I wonder to start this thread earlier when I received my amp and searched that there is no such tiltle so I start it. Please also state what headphone/s you're pairing with and how do you love the combo. My WA6SE arrived by mid-March this year. I ordered a Sophia Princess 274B and...
  4. rgurney


    Has anyone had any experience comparing the EML 5U4G Meshplate vs. the EML 274B Meshplate as rectifiers in either the Woo Audio WA5 or WA5LE? Thanks for your comments.
  5. DavidMahler

    Has anyone compared the Woo Audio 5 to the Manley 300B?

    If so, which did you prefer and why?   Thanks,   -Dave
  6. S

    Woo Audio WA5 and Klipsch loudspeakers

    Hi,   I ordered WA5 with premium parts upgrade and teflon tube socket a week ago. I would like to say thank you for great comments in this forum and also thanks a lot to sillysally, takezo, jamato8 for their advices.   Now I am wondering if anyone have a chance to listen WA5 with...
  7. actuary616

    Floor noise on WA5

    I just recived a WA5 amp. I used a HD800 and ER4P (with adapter) on it. I can hear big floor noise at any volume expecially at high gain. I definitely can hear this floor noise at low gain too, but a lot quieter.  I tried both stock tubes and my own premium tubes. No change. Can you please share...
  8. Torero

    what the difference between the wa5 and the wa6?

    what the difference between the wa5 and the wa6? is little or a lot? the type of tubes is the only difference? I use the 6sn7 with my wa6.
  9. actuary616

    WA5 vs WA5-LE

    Are they essentially the same in term of driving headphones (such as HD800)? The difference between them is that WA5 can drive K1000 and some high efficient speakers? Thank you in advance.
  10. thinkpol

    Best amp/dac for D7000s?

    I love my D7000s, so much so that I got rid of my HD650s, T1s and will be selling my DT990/600s soon. I purchased an amp specifically for the T1s before getting the D7000s and have since sold it because I found out that the D7000s are the cans for me. I'm having them pampered right now (lawton...
  11. tdogzthmn

    Best looking tube amp

    What in your opinion is the best looking tube amp. post pics if you like. - It would be nice if price was included, just for reference.
  12. Seamaster

    Woo Audio Electrostatic Energizer !! new product from Woo Audio

    This looks like a wonderful product, many people just have been waiting for!   Quote:  
  13. Caesar2010

    Zana Deux vs. Woo 5

    Anyone compare these 2 amps?  Please compare / contrast the sonic signatures based on your experience.    What tube complements make them sound closer to each other?  Which tubes make them sound more different from each other?   I own the Beyer T1, Ayre C5-XE MP source, and Transparent...
  14. reeltime

    Woo WA-5 / WA-5LE Tube Rolling

    Haven't seen many people address tube rolling on the WA-5, so I'm trying a thread about it.   Backstory:  I was a Woo WA-6 owner, and I had a great time running through tubes on the amp.  Ultimately settling on a 6SN7 drivers and a mid-1950's GZ34 rectifier as my reference set.     Then...
  15. abvolt

    Woo Audio WA5

    Hello guys I have a question to ask, I own a pair of Adam Audio S3X-H & the Sub 10 MK2 monitors all are powered speakers. I have been looking at the Woo Audio WA5 for my headphone amp. Would the WA5 also work with the Adam's since they are all powered speakers. The output on the WA5 for speakers...
  16. Woo Audio WA5

    Woo Audio WA5

    * Technical Specifications: Two 300B [PDF] power tubes * Two 6SN7 [PDF] drive tubes * Two 5U4G [PDF] rectifier tubes * Voltage: AC 110/220V, 50/60 Hz * External dimension (each): 8½(H), 9"(W), 17"(D) * Weight: Amp Unit: 35 lbs, Power Supply Unit: 40 lbs * Headphone...