1. rrahman

    WTB: WA22

    If you have a WA22.  I am interested in purchasing it.  Shoot me an offer.
  2. coinmaster

    Are $2000+ amps worth it?

    I've been wondering for a while now and I haven't been able to find the answer. I currently own a O2+Odac combo and I'm looking for an uograde. The thing is I can't tell if upgrading to Woo Audio WA22+WDS1 is a worth going broke for or is it really just a minor one that happens to be...
  3. Hun7er

    Amps recommandation for HE800

    Hello everybody,   I'm going to buy a Sennheiser HD800 and probably a Audeze LCD 2.   I want to know what amp can fit the best with HD800 and others cans like LCD 2, HE6.   I have read numerous topics and several amp win suffrage :   WA22 seems to be a bit too tubey sound DNA...
  4. David Chavez

    Hd800 + Wa22 + ? Help need recomendations

    Need recommendations of what would be a nice dac to use with hd800 + wa22.  Price range for the dac is 600-2000 (wish to spend 1500 max but my budget does allow 2000 if its worth it).  Also if it pairs nice with Audeze lcd 2 r1 that would be nice but if not I'm willing to sell them and just use...
  5. Woo Audio WA22

    Woo Audio WA22

    * Technical Specifications: Headphones impedance : 8-600 Ohms * Input impedance: 100 Kilo-Ohms * Frequency response: 8 Hz - 50 KHz, -3dB * Output: 810 mw with 6080, 2 watts with 7236 power tubes * Signal/Noise: 92 dB * THD: <= 0.3% * External dimension: 7”(H), 12”(W)...