1. Icenine2

    Quick Poll: beyerdynamic Telsa T-1 or Sennheiser HD800 for Woo WA22?

    Let's hear it.  I'm leaning toward the T-1's.   Thanks,   Keith
  2. Icenine2

    Best Headphone for the Woo WA22

    I finally ordered the Woo WA22.  Currently I own AKG K701's.  I listened to beyerdynamic T-1 at Skylab's on a WA6 and it was beautiful.  But that was a single ended setup and WA22 is balanced.  I thought I'd get the T-1s but I didn't know it was a hard wire mod.  The Senn HD800's and LCD-2 are...
  3. LAmitchell

    How long is the WAIT on a WOO?

    I just don't know if I can stand to wait that long... is it really 4-5 weeks?   don't they have anything in STOCK?   what about the pay extra deal for speedier put-it-together time?  
  4. Icenine2

    I'm ordering the Woo WA22 tomorrow. Should I get tube upgrade all or partial, wait, or get something else.

      I'm ordering the Woo WA22 tomorrow.  Should I get the tube upgrade available through Jack: Power tubes upgrade: Sylvania 7236 NOS 1963 Driver tubes upgrade: Hand-pick matched pair Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z / 6SN7GT  Rectifier tube replacement:  Sophia Princess Mesh Plate 274B rectifier...
  5. Icenine2

    Two weeks until I order the Woo but I've lost my perspective to the evil "Mr. Audiophile"

    I would please like some audio perspective about my impending Woo amp purchase since I believe I've lost mine(perspective that is.......sensibility seems to leave one after full blown Audiophile has set in!).     After the listen of a WA6 at Skylab's I decided to "Audiophile it"  and get a...
  6. Shinsengumi

    Problems with my Woo Audio WA22

    I have got some problems with my 5 month old WA22.   Yesterday I was going to listen to my new Denon D7000. When I turned on the amp, the main fuse went off in my home, it got totally dark. So I switched fuse and turned on the amp. It worked. I swapped some tubes to see if it was the...
  7. Icenine2

    Woo Audio 22 review by Robert Youman at 6Moons site

    http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/woo2/1.html   A nice comprehensive review.  Well done Robert!   Keith   PS I still haven't ordered my WA 5LE and this review gives me pause again to have a fully balanced system.
  8. nututubes

    Woo Audio WA22 as a preamp. Opinion wanted

    Hello. As my screen name implies I am new to the world of tubes. I am a new member of this forum as well. I have no headphones yet, but from what I see on this forum, Sennheiser HD800 or Beyerdynamic T1 should be on my short list.    Now, about the WA22 question; I have already exchanged a...
  9. Icenine2

    Woo 22 with balanced source or WA5LE?

    I have to believe the WA5LE would outperform the WA22 with a balanced source say the Ayre QB-9.  Does anyone have first hand feedback on this?  Either owned both or listened to both maybe at CanJam.  I am not going to email Jack w/another question having moved from the 6, then 6E and now...
  10. Icenine2

    I'm Woo-sey deciding which Woo to get...................

    This journey started by looking for a new SS amp to replace my old HeadRoom Home.  After ages of ignoring Woo posts I saw Musicman59's Black WA5-LE and that was it.  I was lucky enough to have Skylab invite me over to A/B the Meir SS and his Woo 6.  a few minutes listen and I knew the Woo was...
  11. Asr

    Mini-review: Woo Audio WA22

    Below are my impressions of the Woo WA22 from while I owned it (October 2009 - February 2010). However, while I owned the amp for that long, I should add a disclaimer that I put in only 2 weeks of actual listening on the amp. This is only my opinion of the amp and even I might disagree with my...
  12. StanT

    Talk me out of buying a WA2

    I grew up listening to vinyl on headphones. When the spouse decided to evict my (very nice, but butt ugly) disco era stereo from the house, I went in search of something that could recreate the sound I grew up with and take some of the digital harshness out of my cds. I ended up with a Woo Audio...
  13. jenneth

    Woo WA22

    Looks like Jack's been busy, in addition to the WES, he's going to release a balanced amp: Woo Audio 22
  14. R_burke

    CSP2+/ASL OTL 32/WA2 Decisions Decisions

    Considering either the Decware CSP2+, Antique Sound Labs DG/OTL 32 or perhaps the Woo WA2 as my preamp/headphone amp.     I listen through both W5000s and SA5000s.  I dont need a lot of source inputs CD and aux is fine, occasionally I put the TV through the speakers. The rest of the system...
  15. downsize

    Considering getting a tube amp .... Want to help ?

    Every person has a different opinion .... everyone hears it differently ..... But I still can use some help.   I have been a solid state guy all of my life, and am now considering going with a tube amp, but AM NOT willing to give up my treble and bass extension, or my resolution.  ...
  16. peeradonn

    What will you choose? Woo wa22 or rudistor RP010B mkII?

    What will you choose? Woo wa22 or rudistor RP010B mkII Both is balance amp, one is tube and another is solid state. I will use it with my ED8 T1 and HD800 If you have to choose, which one will be the one you choose?
  17. nabcs

    Wooaudio WA2/WA6SE vs DNA Sonett

    I bought the Senn HD800 to replace my AKG 701. My current amp is a modified MF XCAN V3 with PSU. The sound is good but I want to replace it with a tube amp with more full bodied sound. I am thinking in various amps...Wooaudio WA2/WA6SE/WA22 or DNA Sonett. Anyone listen this amps with...
  18. lordsegan

    Woo Audio vs Little Dot

    I see a lot of people write about Woo Audio, in particular the W22 and W6 SE like they are the best of the best when it comes to amps (at least in the price range of mortals). I personally have used a few different Little Dot models and have found them to be excellent, esp the MKVII+ in...
  19. superjohny

    constantly updated impression : Audio-gd Reference 8!

    After hesitating for so long, i finally made the decision to purchase the "musical flavored" dac Audio-gd reference 8.   It should be here within a week or two.   I will draw down some impression and hopefully "long" enough to be a mini review after some listening and A/Bing with ultra...
  20. Seamaster

    WA22 let's roll some tubes (Done Mod, Burnning-in)

    For those of you own WA22 now. What tubes have you been rolling? Too busy to listen your Amp or too lazy to post? All listening is done with only HD650 with Stefan AudioArt and Cardas Balanced cable . Round 1 Russian 6AS7G, Sylvania 6SN7WGTA brown base, Mullard 5AS4 This is not very good...
  21. tosehee

    WA22 vs. DNA Sonnett

    Has anyone compared or listened to both of these units and have impressions to share? Both in balanced configuration, driving HD800 Balanced. Thanks in advance. Best regards
  22. Caesar2010

    Woo WA6 SE vs. WA22

    Has anyone heard both of these?  What are the sonic and other relevant differences?  Thank You!
  23. SP Wild

    Balanced Tube design to upgrade tube amp, Woo Audio 22?

    Any suggestions - value added of course.
  24. Shaka

    Help choosing amp and dac for Audeze LCD-3 .. (WA22, WA6-SE...)

    Hi guys!   Long time member but due to inexperience in this area never really contributed. Which is why I'm here now, because I need help but feel this is all way over my head. My interest in headphones has started recently with a purchase of Sennheiser's IE80 (for gym/running) and IE800...
  25. carabistouille

    WTB: WooAudio WA22 or EC Zana Deux SE or DNA Stratus

    Hello I look for one amplifier Woo Audio WA22 or DNA Stratus or Eddie Current Zana Deux SE in perfect condition. Contact me to make me an offer. I take care of expenses Paypal and of forwarding charges. Please send me a PM Thanks