1. 3x331m

    Woo audio GES vs HeadAmp KGSS.

    Has anyone done a review or shootout on these two amps ? Any info. is appreciated.
  2. C

    Best Electrostatic Tube Amp for $ 1000-2000

    Is there a better then WooAudio GES for my money? Thank you.
  3. Leicachamp

    WOO GES upgrade advice

    Hello   I have stock standard GES hat i wish to upgrade. I can't seem to find any info on anybody upgrading a GES. Would like guidance in particular on what caps and values would yield the best results? I was thinking of installing Duelunds, but would not have a clue on what values and the...
  4. Sahara

    Comparison HD800 / SR-009

    Hello everyone: I currently have a Sennheiser HD800 associated with a Woo Audio 2 OTL.The set is simply fantastic. Now I have bought a Stax SR-009 and look for a good amplifier for them - I think  Woo Audio GES or Liquid Ligtning are my preferred candidates- In reference of Sennheiser...
  5. charliex

    Advice needed on a 'final' TOTL Electrostatic amp within $2k price range.

    Alright, it’s time for an electrostatic amplifier upgrade, enough with issues from aging tube electrostatics or DIY’s done by others.  I’m thinking of finally purchasing something brand new from a reputable dealer that will not only have some kind of warranty, but longevity in the long run...
  6. epocs

    Where does the Headamp GS-1 Stand now?

    Hi guys,   So I've gone through the huge journey of upgraditis a couple years ago and went from something as basic as a Pico DAC/AMP -> Grado SR60 up to the Woo Audio GES -> Stax O2s.   The amp that I've had for the last year now though has been the Headamp GS-1 and I personally love it...
  7. astrostar59

    Connection pre amp or not? question for the WOO GES

    Hi all I am thinking of buyong a WOO GES. Am I being dumb, or do we connect a WOO GES via input RCA with a pre-amp out, or direct to a source via tape or no pre-amp at all for best sonics?   I have a SRM-313 now, that connects the normal way, i.e. preamp out to RCA in on the Stax, then set...
  8. astrostar59

    Better sound quality? Stax connected direct a source, or via a good pre-amp?

    Hi all   I have my Stax SRM-313 connected through my tubed pre-amp output, and set the volume on the Stax to full. I think it sounds good.   What is the norm? Do you guys connect it direct to your source or via a tape loop on your pre-amp (so none amplified by a pre-amp).   I...
  9. gtiboy

    Stax SR-009 - Which Stax Energiser Amp To Pair With?

    Hi all, I am looking at my first foray into the high end headphone market. I currently have a HD650 headphone, but like every audiophile, I want the best sound obtainable.   So i'm looking at purchasing the Stax SR-009. Trouble is i'm not sure what amp to pair it with. After reading through...
  10. Sahara

    Need to know the dimmensions for a couplee electroatactic headphones amplifiers

    Hi guys.   Finally after thinking a complementary models for my HD800 & WA2 I,ve decided to start with electrostactic headphones -the DAC I own allows to connect 2 differents integrated amps for its RCA analoge outputs- and a couple days ago I,ve acquired a Stax SR-009. Now Im looking for an...
  11. howlndog

    Is the Woo Audio GES a significant upgrade (Stax SRM-006t)?

    I have a Stax SRM-006t driving a pair of SR-404 Sigs and was wondering if the Woo Audio GES is considered a significant upgrade to the Stax amp?
  12. tiga3mata

    Woo Wes or BHSE

    Hi, I just bought a Stax O2 Mk1. I have zero knowledge and experience about electrostats and their power requirements. I have limited opportunities to audition system combinations. I don't have the time or the patience for a slow upgrade route. I just like to buy a combo that produces very...
  13. epocs

    Some impressions on the Stax O2 and HD800 (with Woo GES and WA6SE)

    So I’ve been quite content with my Sennheiser HD800 + Woo Audio WA6SE setup (with the Meier StageDAC as the source) for a couple months now since I acquired them. This setup has provided me a sound that I feel makes me excited to come home everyday and listen. I had a pair of Denon AH-D7000 and...
  14. Alex_O Rules

    Wooaudio GES vs. Stax SRM-007t II with SR-007mkII ???

    I am looking for impressions from folks that have compared Stax's SRM007t II and the Woo Audio GES.  How do these compare to the BH?
  15. Gradofan2

    Amp For My SR-507's - T1... or... 7t... or... GES???

    I've bought a set of 507's to check out the Stax line.  After all the positive comments, comparing them favorably to the LCD2's and HE-6's - I finally decided to give Stax a try.    But... now I have to get an amp for them.  I'm too frugal to go with anything great (e.g. KGSS or BH) - so...
  16. sonorlite

    Woo GES Driven by Phono Stage

    Anyone driving a Woo GES directly from a phono stage? I have no line stage and was thinking about trying to drive my Stax OO7 Mk2's with an amp directly from my Asthetix Rhea phono stage. My maximum output signal from the Rhea is around 400mV and I don't know if the Woo can be adequately driven...
  17. Towert7

    Wooaudio GES channel imbalance?

    Hello. I just made an adapter for my HE60 headphones and am using them on the WooAudio GES that I purchased. This is my first time trying the GES since I received it. I'm getting a slight feeling that there is a slight channel imbalance to the left side. I'm not sure if this is the...
  18. Woo Audio GES

    Woo Audio GES

    * Technical Specifications: Input impedance: 100 Kilo-Ohms * Frequency response: 10 Hz - 80 KHz, -3dB * Signal/Noise: 100 dB * Bias voltage: 580VDC * THD: <= 0.1% * Voltage: AC 110/220V, 50/60 Hz * External dimension: 6½(H), 13"(W), 10½"(D) * Weight: 22.5 lbs *...