1. B

    WTB: WM1Z or WM1A

    WTB: WM1Z or WM1A in good condition. maybe willing to trade a new fiio m15.
  2. fire2368

    WTB: Sony WM1Z good condition

    Hi there, I'm looking for a Sony WM1Z in good condition, shipping to Australia or US. Not in a rush and will be interested in you have one for a good price. Thanks
  3. ElecHires

    [Sold] Sony NW-WM1Z + some accessories

    Hello, I want to sale my Sony NW-WM1Z in mint condition nothing to declare the player is in very good shape. it come with all original stuff (Original box, cable sony leather case, strap) + Sony dock station (Original box, Cable, sector adapters) + leather Case musashino label + Sony official...
  4. ElecHires

    [Sold] ⭐️case musashino label WM1A/Z⭐️

    Hello i wan to sale my case musashino label for sony wm1a or 1z here some pictures:
  5. Vitaly2017

    Sold SOld IER-Z1R very good condition Sold Sold

    Hi I am selling my Ier-z1r they are in very good condition has no damages, comes with all accessories and original packaging. Reason for sale cant get my comfort right and also a little to bright to my taste. I can ship worldwide buyer covers customs fees, I include paypal and shipping in the...
  6. bden59


    TRADED. For sale very good condition SONY NW-WM1Z. Was used with screen protector film(screen without scratches). Without box and original case. You will get DIGNIS leather case. PM me, if you have any questions. I'll ship it from Romania(EU). PP fees and shipping included in price.
  7. Hydrored

    Sony WM1Z excellent condition- Includes dignis case, travel case, 250 GB SD Sold

    Sony US WM1Z like new condition purchased 4/17/19, Dignis brown leather case and screen protector from day one. Includes Dignis case, travel case, 250 GB micro card, all original packaging, charge cable, screen protector is installed. 51 total hours on the unit. Will also include an extra glass...
  8. Erfan Elahi

    SOLD - Sony WM1Z

    Sony Walkman WM1Z - volume uncapped. €1750 including PayPal & shipping. Very good condition and preserved for sale now. Please look at the photos closely for tiny black spots. Battery condition great and always kept the overcharge lock feature. Have all stock accessories and retail box...
  9. ElecHires


    Hello guys, i want to sale my dignis case was both on dignis web site the 2019-09-01 this model in black http://shop2.dignis.cafe24.com/product/midas-sony-nw-wm1-boxwax-case/232/?cate_no=84&display_group=1 there is no damage on it. if you have any question please ask. the price include only PP fees
  10. ElecHires

    [cancel] WM1Z

    Hello guys, i want to sale my WM1Z i'm the first owner the player is still on warranty for 2 years have only 21.5 hour of used 04/09/2019 the player is uncapped Trad possible only for SP1000 black or CU in good condition
  11. lizardpanda

    Sold: Sony WM1Z Like New

    - I wanna sell my WM1Z (Asia model - unlimited volume gap) which I bought in Nov-2018. It's like new. - Come with fullbox and all accessories without used - No trade items, I just need some cash back - Free gift 1 silicon case with slippery resistance function, and 1 glass screen protector - Sold.
  12. mahesvara

    [No longer for sale][US only] Sony WM1Z in perfect condition

    For sale is my Sony WM1Z in perfect condition, which has been placed inside a protective case and with a screen protector from the day I got it, so there is no blemish anywhere on the 1Z itself. I've also purchased a 400GB microSd card to augment the 1Z and it will be included in the package...
  13. ElecHires


  14. silvahr

    Sold: Moon Audio Silver Dragon (V1) cable 2 pin - 4.4mm (limited promotion)

    Hello, Selling Moon Audio Silver Dragon (V1) cable 2 pin - 4.4mm. Excellent cable and is like new. I got it from another member from this community (I believe he was the original buyer). Great opportunity for European users to get it without paying customs fees. I’m selling because I sold my...
  15. ElecHires

    [Sold] VanNuys WM1A/Z

    hello, I want to sale my VanNuys case made for WM1A or 1Z, It is in very good state. If you have any question please ask me. Price include PayPal only shipping on you. what you see is what you get
  16. joshuachew

    [WTS] Sony NW WM-1Z (Mint Condition)

    Selling my Sony NW WM-1Z player. It is in mint condition and anyone that has bought a DAP or component from me will attest to that - unless stated, ALL my items are in mint condition. Closest you will get to a BNIB unit. Item: Sony NW WM-1Z with accessories - listed below. (1) Sony WM1Z Player...
  17. N

    SOLD! Sony WM1Z + Dignis Alcantara Case + Benks Accessories + Cayin 4MM Adapter + 200gb Sandisk + More...

    I have a Sony WM1Z in excellent condition. It comes with the $150 Dignis Alcantara leather case, the $30 Benks TPU case, a Sony silicone case, a 200gb Sandisk card, the $50 Cayin 4mm adapter, and the $40 Benks Glass screen protector. I took excellent care of it and everything else in this...
  18. N

    {Updated Price} Sony WM1Z + EE Legend X + EA Eros II 8-wire + Extras!!!

    I have a Sony wm1z in great condition ($2400). It also comes with a Benks TPU case that is in excellent condition ($30), a Dignis Alcantara case that is in excellent condition ($150), a sony silicone case that came with it when I bought it, the Benks Magic curved edge glass screen protector...
  19. ElecHires

    SOLD VanNuys case for WM1A/Z

    hello For sale my VanNuys case for Sony WM1A or 1Z Is in good shape The price include PayPal
  20. ElecHires

    SOLD case dignis Wm1z/a

    Hello I put in sale a dignis case a dignis case model ARTISAN SERIES] MIDAS NW-WM1A/Z CASE. Is in very good shape it come with original box. PayPal included
  21. mmwwmm


  22. ElecHires

    SOLD Sony WM1Z

    Hello, I am selling my wm1z still on warranty 2 years. it's in very good shape no scratch this is an EU model but uncapped. come with all original stuff, box and purchase. the price include shipping.
  23. muffin9988

    [SOLD] Dignis WM1A/Z Case Brown

    SOLD Posting my brown Dignis leather case for sale http://shop2.dignis.cafe24.com/product/midas-sony-nw-wm1-case/133/?cate_no=85&display_group=1 Low price as it has seen a fair amount of use and has some scratches/wear but it protects your player just fine and has that great Dignis leather feel
  24. ElecHires

    SOLD Sony WM1Z

    Sold !!
  25. Piotr Michalak

    Want to trade WTT (interest check) Sony WM1Z for your WM1A

    I'm considering a downgrade from WM1Z to WM1A. Please PM me.