1. Holowlegs

    White Bird Amplification- Virtus-01

    Hello there   Before I start I would just like to thank first Andy (Smial 1966) who organized the UK 2012 Head-Fi Meet in Cambridgeshire.   Also would like to thank White Bird Amplification  who donated a prize to the raffle, and I was the very lucky person who won that prize the...
  2. White Bird Amplification VIRTUS-01

    White Bird Amplification VIRTUS-01

    VIRTUS-01 - Headset OTL tube amplifier. Audiophile HI-END construction done by special order. With a standard set of lamps ie 2 x Electro Harmonix KT88 power tubes as well as NOS 6N6P and WIMA capacitors, NICHICON, RUBYCON is available in two variants, depending on the price of casing: The...