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    Unique Melody MERLIN + Whiplash Audio Hybrid TWAG+TWCU
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  4. romnation

    Whiplash Audio TWAG V3 IEM cables - Standard cable VS 8 conductor?

    I was considering purchasing this, TRSS balanced:   http://www.whiplashaudio.com/new-twag-v3-shure-iem-cable.html   Is the 8 conductor version worth the extra money? What are the differences in sound?
  5. average_joe

    19 custom IEM/TF10/Shure/IE8 cables reviewed (Effect Pearl, Apollo, & Odin added 3/20/13)

    Multi-aftermarket cables for custom IEMs and TF10 evaluation thread   average_joe’s (my google+ page) custom IEM aftermarket cable thread:  Many custom IEMs come with detachable cables, and as I own many custom IEMs that have detachable cables such as the JHA JH16, Rooth LS8, Starkey SA-43...
  6. oldmanpushbmw

    WANTED TWAG V3 headphone cable~ TRRS TO MMCX

    WANTED  TWAG V3 headphone cable~ TRRS TO MMCX PLEASE READ ~~~AUSTRALIA ONLY~~~~~ any if sell,please post or private massages me in prices AU~thank
  7. ematthews

    Grado PS500 are better than the Beyer T1's

    As the title says the Grado's are better.. I have had both now for a few weeks and listened to them on a few different amps and source material.. I thought the Beyer's were going to e it for me but the Grado's are just more full, have a bigger sound and just hit hard in the bass. Guitars of...
  8. alterstar

    REVIEW - Whiplash Audio TWag V3 and TWcu V3 Hybrid cable for the Audeze LCD-2

    Hi guys! Just would like to start a thread regarding this new V3 cable line from Whiplash Audio :D   I'd also like to share my review of the cable which is published here: http://www.wheninmanila.com/whiplash-audio-twag-v3-and-twcu-v3-hybrid-audiophile-cable/   Thanks!   So anyone...
  9. aamefford

    Reconfiguring my rig - Random updates on the journey

    *** EDIT *** This started out as a Q and A post, apparently either poorly written or lame...  It is now an occasional chronicle of my reconfiguring.   My concerns with Portable gear: I listen at low volume levels, and have trouble with the likes of the Headstage Arrow (too much gain.  Rob...
  10. Whiplash Audio TWag V3

    Whiplash Audio TWag V3

    The ALL NEW TWag v3. A completely new wire. We added 55% more wire and made the gauge 24.5. Perfect for your C/IEMs - JHA, Westone, UE, and many many more!!.