1. veuxtres

    3.5mm jack to jack line out question

    Im getting amp for my iem and headphone, is necessary to get a good quality jack to jack cable ? i saw a twag v2 jack to jack cost about 90usd, i don mind to pay for that if the price worth the performance. Or please give me some idea for it if u think a good jack to jack makes a difference...
  2. average_joe

    19 custom IEM/TF10/Shure/IE8 cables reviewed (Effect Pearl, Apollo, & Odin added 3/20/13)

    Multi-aftermarket cables for custom IEMs and TF10 evaluation thread   average_joe’s (my google+ page) custom IEM aftermarket cable thread:  Many custom IEMs come with detachable cables, and as I own many custom IEMs that have detachable cables such as the JHA JH16, Rooth LS8, Starkey SA-43...
  3. Phoosh

    Hd650 balanced cable: Which one?

    Hey guys, I have a balanced setup with my hd650's - featuring a balanced diy cable I got for 125, a little dot mkvii+ and a little dot dac 1 -   Was wondering what a really good balanced cable would be, or the differences between them to help get the full gains of my midrange system.   I...
  4. Whiplash Audio TWag v2 Ultra Micro LOD

    Whiplash Audio TWag v2 Ultra Micro LOD

    Designed for micro amps and ultraportable systems.