1. sm0731

    Is Westone UM PRO 30 fit same as Westone W40?

    I was wondering if W40 has the same fit as UM PRO 30. I think I heard W40 are bigger than UM PRO 30?
  2. Nicholas B

    Thinking of getting custom molds for Universal IEMs

    Hello All:   I just got a pair of Westone pro 30s, and have been considering getting custom molds done.  There is friendly audiologist around the corner from where I work who has offered to make impressions for a very reasonable price.   Is there any conventional wisdom regarding doing...
  3. ProducerBGM

    Recommended Universal In Ears

    Hello head Fi community. I've been looking for a pair of in ear monitors that are suitable for what my profession entails. I am a performing keyboardist that plays in a variety of bands that showcase different genres of music (rock...jazz...worship....blues...pop..etc). I have looked intensively...
  4. styler

    Westone UM 40 Pro and W40

    i bought both the UM40Pro and the W40 recently. kept the W40 and returned the PROs. both sounded good but i thought the W40 was more neutral. the UM40 are tuned for musicians and the big difference is that any percussive beat is front and center - i didnt find it boomy, more like the drum kit...
  5. ostewart

    Review: iFi Audio iCan headphone amplifier (neutral with 3D sound and Bass Boost)

    I would like to thank Vincent at iFi for sending me this sample for review, I will try to write an honest review, this unit received well over 100hrs of burn-in.   The iCan was tested with various headphones including the German Maestro GMP 8.35D + GMP 400 and also IEM's like the Westone UM...
  6. Subseastu

    Upgrade my IEM's from V-sonic GR-07's

    I've got the V-sonic GR07's at present and was thinking of an upgrade. I prefer IEM's and was leaning towards hybrid phones but I think these may still be quite expensive. I listen to all types of music, want phones that aren't too bass heavy, have good separation and soundstage, slightly...
  7. Labze

    Upgrading from IE8? Need guidance

    Hello   I've had my Sennheiser IE8 for soon 4 years and they still hold up decently, however its now the third time I've broken the L-plug connecter (lose connection). I've considered moving on to something new. I listen to a very wide range of music, but a majority of it is electronic based...
  8. CareyPrice31

    Westone UM Pro 30 vs Westone W40

    Are there any comparisons of these two IEM's?   If not, can someone give me a brief summary of the two and compare them if they tried both? Thanks!
  9. Tamirci

    Review: Westone um 30 Pro

    The Westone brand as we all know, had refreshed their earphones.   I'd like to thank Westone for the sample. I did my best to supply a neutral and comprehesive review as I could. Sorry for the lack in English competence as it ain't my natural language :)   Used Various dubstep songs, 24...
  10. boker23

    need some suggestion's for iem's

    hey,3 years ago i bought the sennheiser mm550 and i had great time with those but they are about to see their final days . i decided i should switch to iem's and i need help choosing a pair.  by the way . i play drums for 9 years and i take music very seriously (as all of i guess). ilike...
  11. Champagne

    Choose Westone W40 or W4R or UM PRO 30 or UM3XRC

    Hi, my Westone UM1 was spoilt and I'm given the replacement upgrade option. Which of these IEMs should I choose?   I had listened to W40 and the only things I dislike are the vocals are a little veiled, has sounds placed a little further than I like though not a big issue and its annoyingly...
  12. yourtoys7

    If I upgrade Westone UM2 to UM pro 30 what could I expect?

    I'm thinking up selling my UM2 and getting UM pro 30, what could I expect from upgrade and is it worth it? maybe getting iBasso dx 50 as well, thanks...
  13. Westone UM Pro 30

    Westone UM Pro 30

    UM Pro 30 High performance Dual Driver in-ear Headphone The ultimate in-ear headphone, the UM Pro 30, stands next to none. Boasting an unmatched sound signature and tuned for performing artists, the UM Pro 30 challenges the conventions of other in-ear headphones and is backed by 50+ years of...