1. EvilSpants

    WESC Oboe Headphones review

    Some of you users may remember me saying that I would review these headphones in a earlier thread, about a month +/- a few days ago. Anyhoo, thought I would share the results I found. (It should be noted that most of my testing occurred on a Zune 80gb, with 192kbps VBR mp3s or higher encoded...
  2. Wesc Oboe Golden Headphone (Black)

    Wesc Oboe Golden Headphone (Black)

    Wesc Oboe Golden Headphones: Throw the WeSC Golden Oboe Headphones on your listenin' flaps, plug into your favorite portable music device, and get your jam on while you shimmy down the avenue. WeSC made these skull-speakers with cushy, noise-canceling cups to prevent the world from messing with...