1. racer_x124

    Monster Turbine Pro RMA, No Response

    Hey all, has anyone send in their turbines under the lifetime warranty recently? I have used the Monster contact us form a dozen times and have not gotten a response.
  2. mkarikom

    DCA rma turnaround

    Anyone had a warranty repair from DCA? Just wondering what their turnaround was like pre-covid vs now?
  3. Duduche

    Refit - Reshell service for CIEM

    Hello, I wanted to share an ongoing question with such expensive and fragile devices: - How long do you keep your CIEM ? Would that explain why many have a one year warranty ? - What changes over time (loose fitting because of ear's growth, used drivers, sound quality) ? - Where do you refit...
  4. ubdi

    Please Help

    I bought my AKG y50 somewhere 'round August 2018, and near April 2019 their cable was producing static when played with so I requested a warranty replacement. I shipped them the cans and recieved physically damaged ones, upon contacting the customer service they are making me run in circles...
  5. cerspense

    LCD-X 2016 with case, brand new drivers and warranty

    EDIT: SOLD For sale are my 2016 LCD-X's with the original vegan headband, rugged case, an unbalanced cable and brand new drivers with brand new leather earpads. I am the second owner of these LCD-X's that I purchased in early 2017. In October 2018, the left driver completely failed, making no...
  6. VentolinG

    Sennheiser Momentum M2 IEG ◆ Cable tear

    Hi all, Does anyone get this kind of look of the cable after 6 months of use? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YLf7dnUWazui6II5edfr6dmsyMrsbhM5
  7. V

    HiFiMan HE-400S Speaker Buzzing (3rd Warranty Claim)

    Greetings mates The right ear speaker of my HiFiMan HE-400S makes a buzzing sound like an electric razor at lower frequencies when sufficient volume is pumped into it. No issue whatsoever for the left ear with the same input. It was like this immediately after receiving it back from repair for...
  8. seedubchris

    Audeze Sine

    Just got these from Audeze last week . New in box with all accessories and full factory warrantee. I moved up to the LCD-XC.. Asking $175 for quick sale. These are the non cypher version with straight audio cable and adaptors for SE and mini. Pay pal only conos.
  9. 2Stroke

    Reliability of Ultimate Ears custom IEMs

    Remember having some IEMs from Ultimate Ears back in the 2013, and they failed right after my warranty ended, after 3 warranty repairs. My friend, who have headphones store, told me he never had so much warranty claims as with UE. Are UEs more reliable now? I'm considering buying new...
  10. montanari

    Sennheiser HD800 1and 1/2 year under warranty 650eur

    Bought it new in march of this year, as per receipt. so still one year and half under warranty No scratch very light use exactly like new. I then Upgraded to he1000 and thinking to keep it but it's some months that I don't use them so now decided to sell them. 650eur+shipping (around 20eur by...
  11. fuhransahis

    [SOLD] Focal Elear + 3.5mm SE & 2.5mm Balanced Cables - All MINT Condition

    Hello, Selling my mint condition Focal Elear. It comes with two extra cables in addition to the stock one - a 3.5mm single ended cable, and a custom-made 2.5mm balanced cable ($150 from LQi Cables in Chicago). The 3.5mm cable came when I bought it used, not sure where this is from, so I won't...
  12. MM1990

    FS: Sennheiser IE800 - like new / best offer

    I'm selling my Sennheiser IE800, because I'm planning on buying some other iem's. I bought them in the Sennheiser flagship-store at their hq in April 2017 so they are 100% genuine. They are in excellent/like new condition and have only been used for a a hand full of hours. They have never left...
  13. Frank161

    [FS] Schiit Vali 2 headphone amp with warranty & Schiit PYST RCA cables

    Hi everyone! I bought the Schiit Vali 2 as my first headphone amp 2 months ago (new), because I wanted to get to know both solid state amping as well as tube amping. I liked how it sounded, but I wanted to know the real difference between tube sound and ss sound, so I bought the LISST tube and...
  14. still0ears

    UM Miracle V2 IEMs

    Hello there, I'm selling my UM Miracle V2 earphones which I bought on November 2016. I'm selling them because I wont need them anymore. They are in really good conditions and there are not scratches or whatsoever, the maximum you can ever find is just a bit of dust around the package. Let me...
  15. Lorddarphyve

    Audeze LCD-2 Fazor Bamboo Microsuede Custom Cable

    Hello, I'm selling my in like new condition Audeze LCD-2 headphones with custom cable. These are the Fazor edition with Bamboo cup rings, Microsuede Earpads, and headband. The custom cable is terminated in a 2.5mm TRRS jack for balanced connectivity. This cable also comes with 3 adapters...