1. chocomel

    Vsonic Gr07 mk2 broke, need new earphones

    Hi all,   My Vsonic Gr07 mk2 (1,5 years old) broke down due to water damage (really dumb story, but I put my headphones in a glass of water by accident, like a total brainfart lol).  I am looking for new in-earphones. I liked the Vsonic Gr07 mk2 but there were also things I did not like about...
  2. Stuff Jones

    Best <150 dollar IEMs to pair with the Fiio X3?

    I have the Fiio X3 along with the Re-400s. I think these might be a little to similar in sound signature - both warm with modest only sound stage - and so I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on IEMs that would give the X3 a little more space and not make it quite so warm.    I...
  3. CraigWatson

    Sennheiser IE8 replacements - opinions wanted!

    Hi all, Apologies for the generic nature of the post, but I'm trying to garner as much feedback as possible.   Yesterday, I managed to misplace my pride and joy Sennheiser IE8 IEMs (totally gutted - I've had them for about a year) so I'm looking around at alternatives before I make my next...
  4. psWJ

    Need help choosing out of these 8 IEMs (First time here :P )

    Hello head-fi, I've spent some time in this website because I wanted to get a decent IEM and members around here know a lot. After reading reviews and checking out this thread ...
  5. Spaz115

    Improvement over GR07

    Hey guys,   I am currently using some Vsonic GR07's and I am loving them, however as these IEMs introduced me to the audiophile world I am wondering about getting something that gives me even better sound quality. Seeing all the positive reviews of the GR07, I'm wondering how high up in...
  6. Loquah

    VSonic GR07 MkII

    1 pair of VSonic GR07 MkII in perfect condition, in original retail packaging, and with all accessories.   Earphones have been used for around 100 hours only.   Package includes:   Full range of silicon and foam tipsCable guides (never used)VSonic carry pouch (never used)   My review is over...
  7. Robeto

    VSONIC GR07s or Atrio MG7s?

    Hey guys,   I was looking at getting another pair of IEMs after my GR07s went deaf in one ear (I was a bit lazy in getting on top of the warranty return) so I just decided to purchase a new pair of IEMs.   I've heard good things about the MG7s and I really enjoyed the GR07s (I still have all...
  8. nsuwanchote

    Vsonic GR07 mk2 or mk1?

    I just received my pair of gr07 from vsonic china and was wondering if they are the mk2 version or not?   It was not in a new box, just a bag I will probably sell these or my phonaks pfe since I only need one     
  9. Raven9891

    Elated new GR07 owner!

    Let me first say hello! This is my first post here on Head-Fi, I've been lurking around for around a week now while I researched my latest purchase(s). I got my GR07 MKIIs yesterday and can't be happier!   Along with the GR07s I bought a Fiio e17 and a LOD for my Ipod.   These are my...
  10. HPFi

    HiFiMan RE-400 vs VSonic GR07 vs other potential options(?)

    Hi all   Been massively absorbing information recently for my IEM purchase as my old one broke. I had a Bose in ear which recently died in 1 ear. I've also used the UE500vi before (again died in 1 ear) I use a JVC HA-RX900 with some modding for my computer and it's great with deep bass, great...
  11. Nyanman

    Amp for Vsonic Gr07 Mkii

    Hi all, This is my first post on Head-Fi after months of looking though forums, I decided to make an account. Anyways,enough blabbing,onto the question. I'm interested in the Vsonic GR07 MkIi, but it seems to be a high impedance iem. Does it need an amp? And I so, which one? I've heard good...
  12. Nyanman

    Vsonic GR07 recessed mids?

    Hi all, I was about to purchase the Vsonic GR07 (Mkii), but upon further reading, some said it had slightly recessed mids.They said it occurred on the (MKi). Is this the case? If so,did they fix it in the second iteration? Most reviews I've read claimed the GR07 to be well balanced.Can anyone...
  13. twinraven

    VSonic GR07 MK2 Pro

    WTS the above mentioned earphones. I'm selling them because i could not get used to the fitting of the earphones, and thus they are not really comfortable for me. They are around 2 months old, but are very much under used, total usage around 10 hours. Only used them for commute at times...
  14. willpayne

    Sony MDR EX-600 vs. Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10

    I have come down to my final choices for IEMs and was hoping someone could tell me which one to get. I was wondering which IEM was best for DnB/Dubstep/Techno, and Hip-Hop/Rap. Also, if I were to get the TF10's I would get an upgrade cable and was wondering which one is the best to buy. The...
  15. kiteki

    Vsonic GR07 MK2 - stunning new cable! | bio-cel tech IEM | now with review - see 2nd post

    Hello everyone,     My Vsonic GR07 MK2 / Visang R07 MKII flagship updated James Bond whatever version is on the way and this is a placeholder for a review.     I'm quite excited about the look of the cable, this is the first time I've been excited about a cable!      ...
  16. rudi0504

    New Release VSonic Gr 07 mk 2

    VSonic  release their new GR 07 mk 2 in China with the Price from 999 Yuan = $ 160 USD   现货当日发!威索尼克VSONIC GR07 MK2 MKII R07 包邮送豪礼 ...     The Gr 07 Mk2 look similar to Gr 07                 
  17. Zalithian

    GR07 MKII

    Looking to sell my GR07 MKII's purchased off LMUE. Have too many pairs of IEMS to use now, looking to sell the extras. Not looking for trades. I only accept postal money orders. I ship the following day via USPS priority mail. They're between 1-2 months old in perfect condition. All accessories...
  18. Mavericksfan41

    BTG modded and recabled Vsonic GR07 BE and Westone W4 for sale. Also some Miles Davis Tributes with about 40 hours of burn in time.

    W4's for $375, Vsonics for $200, Tributes for $200. PM me with any questions. 
  19. whodatninja

    VSonic GR07 Problems

    I bought a pair of VSonic GR07s a little over a year ago (May 2012), and have been having some issues for the past week or so.  The sound in the right ear sometimes cuts out.  After some experimentation, I found that if I rotate the ball joint the nozzle is on, the audio will come back, and I...
  20. godlyatheist

    FS Vsonic GR07

    Selling my trusty Vsonic GR07 (first gen) since I got the Westone 4R as upgrade. These were bought from head-fi so I am the second owner. They are in excellent condition, only been used at home. The cable has gained a green color (normal with these phones) but they still sound as good as when I...
  21. downsize

    My GR-07 IEMs for your Monster Pro Copper IEMs ... Senn IE-8 also considered

    I have a pair of Vsonik GR-07s that are in perfect condition. I may have 300 hours on them now, and have owned them for 2.5 years. They have never been out of the house, are are kept in their leather pouch.   I am just looking to try something different, and want to trade for a pair of Monster...
  22. sybe

    Vsonic Gr07 BE + Viablue T6s small sound issues (HELP!)

    The cable on my GR07 BE snapped at the headphone jack and after waiting 2 weeks to hear back from Vsonic, i got impatient and went ahead and soldered on a new headphone jack. The jack that i purchased is the Viablue T6s small I thought this would be perfect for the size.. I didn't think about...
  23. MoonYeol

    [FS:] Rockit R-50 $80/ Redgiant A03 $55

      I've just realised that I don't use these anymore. They're all great iems with their own different signatures and as much as I'd like to keep them, as much do I want to buy a pair of CK100pro. And my ASG-2 and UE900 get most of my time right now. So here goes nothing. If you buy...
  24. lin0003

    FS: Mint Vsonic GR07 MKII (Melbourne, Australia)

    Hi guys, today I'm selling my mint Vsonic GR07 MKII. These definitely need no introduction and are regarded as one of the best IEMs in the mid tier range.These sell for $250 in Australia (tax and stuff) and I feel like $125 is a fair price - half of RRP. Open to trades for interesting stuff, but...
  25. bobeau

    HRT MicroStreamer

    I don't believe a thread exists for this amazing device so I thought I'd create one.   First off, links to pro reviews:   http://positive-feedback.com/Issue65/microstreamer.htm http://www.whathifi.com/review/hrt-microstreamer...