1. Kenyze

    Vsonic gr07 or FAD Adagio III

    Which of these sounds the best? I have not seen a direct comparison between the two so far.
  2. jfreeman691

    Replacement ear hooks for V-Sonic GR07

    Hi, I lost one of my silicon ear hooks for my V-Sonic GR07's and would like to buy replacement ear hooks (here's a review link that shows the ear hooks I'm talking about. They're in the lower right of the second picture of the...
  3. Longtime Lurker

    GR07 Bass, Atrio MG7, Sennheiser ie8: Anyone listened to all 3?

    I can't find any comparisons with these units. All I find is long, drawn-out pretentious reviews with no points of comparison. I was wondering which of these has the best combination of a wide soundstage, heavy sub-bass, and clarity.   I think I might rule the ie8's out, because I've read...
  4. ericlaw02

    VSonic GR07 Bass Edition Impressions

    Recently purchased the new VSonic GR07 Bass Edition, and was suggested by a fellow member to open a separate thread for these IEMs, so here's some of my impressions and thoughts of them.   Full disclosure: I purchased the GR07 bass edition during an preorder promotion, with the total cost...
  5. phlashbios

    New version of Vsonic GR07 or just a colour change ?

    Anyone know if the GR07's listed in the below link are a new version or just a colour revision. Described as GR07 "Gold"...   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VSONIC-GR07-R07-Gold-Flagship-Version-Inner-Ear-Earphones-/380368347863?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item588fb862d7   I presume there are no...
  6. fobkc

    broken Vsonic GR07, recommendations

    I just recently broke my GR07s. The jack is all mess up. I just wanted to know if it would worth just fixing the jack. How much would the sound be different after the DIY fix. and if its not worth it, what are alternative IEMs that are recommeded at the $200 range? Thank you. 
  7. dannyn382

    GR07 Problems

    Hello,   I purchased the GR07 cans and have now probably 50 hours on them. I really like the way the highs and upper mids sound, but the bass on these is worse than my $30 pair of Vmoda Bass freq. I think that it is safe to say that I am a bass head, but I also like to have the ability to...
  8. murano

    VSonic GR07 - Price in Singapore

    Hi,   Just wondering how the VSonic GR07 prices are in Singapore compared to having them shipped to the US.  Also, since I've never been to Singapore, is it standard practice to negotiate the best price?   Thanks!
  9. leeds2592

    GR07 vs GR07 Bass Edition

    Hi all,   Been lurking around the site checking out the reviews for a while now so thought it was about time I signed up!   Looking to get some new IEM's and after much searching around, I've decided on the GR07's. However, there doesn't seem to be much comparisons to the Bass Edition...
  10. FortyEightHours

    Best IEMs for Around $100 - Details inside

    Hi Everyone,    I am fairly new to the audiophile world and am now looking for a good pair of IEMs for while at work. Here is what I what I've been considering   Comfort (will be using for 5+ hours per day) - I have small-ish ears.   Sound Isolation (needs to be decent)   No/minimal...
  11. sabarirjpm

    Help on Fixing my VSonic GR07

    Hi    I have my VSonic GR07 that has a problem with the Jack. Is there someone in Chennai/ India who would help me fix the Jack/ cable if required   Regards Sabari

    GR01 / GR07 mk2 vs R-50 vs Miles Davis Trumpet IEM

    (Vsonic GR01 / GR07 mk2 vs Rock It Sounds R-50 vs Monster Miles Davis Trumpet IEM which one has the best bass sound quality ? For Hip hop, rap, electronic, rock which one has the best high sound quality? For female vocal, violin.. I like led zeppelin ,Female vocal. And orchestra ( especially...
  13. Inks

    LG Quadbeat 2 Impressions Thread

          These have fallen under the radar, while so called "discoveries" [which in my experience have been nothing but hype]been getting all the craze. While the Quadbeat 1 was a fairly decent IEM, it still needed some refinement and fell in the shadow of the MH1. These, IMO, even surpass the...
  14. the walrii

    Need help choosing replacement IEMs for Vsonic GR07

    My VSonic GR07's went missing last night, so I need to replace them with some new IEMs. I could just get another pair of GR07's, but I wanted to see if there is a better choice out there.   I liked the amount of detail and clarity I got from the GR07's. However, I use Sennheiser HD558's at...
  15. Robeto

    Vsonic GR07 MK2 or GR07 Bass Edition?

    I've looked around several threads and I can't really split the differences between these two earphones? lendmeurears is having a clearance sale on them currently and I was hoping to pick up a pair to replace the gr06 that I was using previously. I also decided against getting a pair of Atrio...
  16. chocomel

    Vsonic Gr07 mk2 broke, need new earphones

    Hi all,   My Vsonic Gr07 mk2 (1,5 years old) broke down due to water damage (really dumb story, but I put my headphones in a glass of water by accident, like a total brainfart lol).  I am looking for new in-earphones. I liked the Vsonic Gr07 mk2 but there were also things I did not like about...
  17. Robeto

    VSONIC GR07s or Atrio MG7s?

    Hey guys,   I was looking at getting another pair of IEMs after my GR07s went deaf in one ear (I was a bit lazy in getting on top of the warranty return) so I just decided to purchase a new pair of IEMs.   I've heard good things about the MG7s and I really enjoyed the GR07s (I still have all...
  18. HPFi

    HiFiMan RE-400 vs VSonic GR07 vs other potential options(?)

    Hi all   Been massively absorbing information recently for my IEM purchase as my old one broke. I had a Bose in ear which recently died in 1 ear. I've also used the UE500vi before (again died in 1 ear) I use a JVC HA-RX900 with some modding for my computer and it's great with deep bass, great...
  19. kamoteFX

    Planning to have a Vsonic gr07 mkii /bass edition with fiio e11 , what budget DAP will be a good partner, thank!

    Planning to have a Vsonic gr07 mkii /bass edition with fiio e11 , what budget DAP will be a good partner, thank!
  20. sybe

    Vsonic Gr07 BE + Viablue T6s small sound issues (HELP!)

    The cable on my GR07 BE snapped at the headphone jack and after waiting 2 weeks to hear back from Vsonic, i got impatient and went ahead and soldered on a new headphone jack. The jack that i purchased is the Viablue T6s small I thought this would be perfect for the size.. I didn't think about...
  21. tusing

    Klipsch S4 (II) vs VSONIC GR07 BE vs Klipsch X10 + Suggestions?

    Hello, everyone,   I'm having trouble deciding between the GR07 Bass Edition, Klipsch X10, or other IEMs (eg. Shure SE215, etc)...   I listen to mostly instrumental / epic (eg. Audiomachine, Two Steps From Hell) / or general soundtrack music, with some bass. Sometimes classical.   Up to...
  22. demize

    VSonic GR07 Bass Edition on Clearance at LendMeUrEars

    I was looking for some new IEMs to replace my DBA-02s that went through the washer (whoops... they still work but the male end plug is dicey now), looking through Joker's thread, and decided on these. Went to LendMeUrEars and they're on clearance for $130 USD (163 SGD). That's not a bad deal, so...
  23. skylux70

    The best spacious IEMS: Radius HP-TWF11 vs Philips Fidelity S2 vs VSonic GR 07 vs Sony EX600

    Hello guys,   I am would be really grateful if anybody could compare Radius HP-TWF11,  Philips Fidelity S2,  VSonic GR 07 and Sony EX600. Which are the best? I listen mostly rock, altenative rock, sometimes dupstep or electronic. My player is Sansa Clip + Roxboxed or Sony Xperia Ray. Now, I...
  24. nuggy

    Vsonic GR07

    Hi all Pretty new here although I used the forum to find reviews on my current ear phones' the VSonic GR07. I've had them over a year and I'm recently having a problem with channel imbalance, the right sounding a lot louder than the left. I've tried other earphones to make sure it's not my...
  25. Andy Oh

    GR07 vs Sm2

    Hi, my name is Andy I want to hear your opinion about Gr07 and sm2 . I don't really much know about earphones . So, I want to hear recommend earphones under $180 dollars and this is my personal question Do you think buy new earphone is better or just buy used earphones?   Thank you...