volume control
  1. Mathieu

    DAC Volume Control vs Amp Volume Control

    Is there a difference in sound quality if I set the volume directly on the headphone amp versus keeping the headphone amp volume relatively high and setting the volume via the DAC? I want to buy a DAC and amp and I need to use a remote to set the volume (these things have to be out of reach...
  2. Pinkomeno

    Aune X1S volume problem

    Hello, fellow readers! Did you ever had this sort of problem? "Windows Volume: 20%; AMP knob: 9 O' Clock; Volume pressure measured by a calibrated UMIK-1: 120 DBs" Like *** I can't listen to it at all, it's so loud I think I'm going stupid here. All my previous listening was by listening...
  3. T

    Earphone advice for apple switcher

    Hello, so I used to have an iphone and I switched to android recently and the volume contol of my apple earphones which I love do not work on my android. So I am basicaly looking for a copy of the apple for android(...
  4. G

    Hiby R3 volume levels / balanced output

    Hi there, Greetings, I’m a newbie to these forums and after a bit of advice if that’s ok. Have just purchased a Hiby R3, which I’m loving. Have transferred a lot of DSD and Flac files onto the SD card and I’m playing it through a Chord Mojo into my Naim amp. Sounds fabulous - in fact, some...
  5. williamclarkonet

    Running Amp at full volume?

    Im really new to amping. I have read alot of people say you never want to run your amp at full volume? But why is that exactly? I like to crank my amp all the way up and use my phones volume control instead i just prefer it that way but why is this not the best practice?
  6. G

    Is there any way to ensure my CIEMs don't produce sound over a certain volume?

    Hi, I just got some CIEMs, stupidly put them in with the sound on my iPhone set to 11/16, and was greeted with probably the loudest sound I've ever heard for about 1 second of exposure. Is there any way to prevent this from happening again? Do some DAPs come with a volume limiter of sorts? Or...

    Help with AKG N20NC in-line remote issue on Android

    I picked up the AKG N20NC in-ears a few months ago, partially because the remote has a switch that makes it compatible with iOS (I have an iPad Air 2, be gentle) and Android (Tmobile Galaxy S7, stock and unrooted). But I found out a few weeks later that the + volume sometimes would actually...
  8. S

    DAC/Amp for HD800 with pre-amp volume control

    Hello, Im looking for dac/amp combo for my HD800. Also im gonna get decent studio speakers soon for music listening, probably M-Audio M3-8s. So I was wondering if there are devices, that can make it all in one box, and meet all my requirements. I already found some, but im looking for more...