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  1. Vision Ears


    Hello Head-Fiers, we are happy to announce the launch of 2 (in words: TWO) new earphones to you. And if that was not enough, we are leaving our traditional field of highest class CIEMs and expand our line-up to the world of universal In-Ears – aside the ERLKöNIG, that you all knew as our only...
  2. royneo

    [Price dropped!] Jomo Audio Trinity Brass + 3.5mm OFC Cable [Free Shipping Worldwide]

    [Looking for SS variant? See my Signature below] Hi all, I'm selling off a very well-maintained Jomo Audio Trinity Brass. Condition is pretty much a 10/10, it's in impeccable condition. There are no cosmetic flaws such as blemishes, scratches, etc on the IEM housing. Please note that this is a...
  3. mvvRAZ

    RAZ's review thread and TOTL IEM shootout

    RAZ’s review thread and multi-TOTL IEM comparison Add: this was meant to be a one off Summit-Fi comparison post but I've since decided to use this as a space for "IEM tryouts" where I'll be posting impressions, comparisons and reviews on all things audio. The "My preferences section has also...
  4. Vision Ears

    Product Launch: ELYSIUM | VE3.2 | VE4.2

    PRODUCT LAUNCH We are happy to announce that we will launch 3 new CIEM models soon. Some of you might have had the opportunity to lay ears on them before at our preview tour in Hongkong, Shanghai and at the CanJam in Singapore. Now they will be finally available to everyone. ELYSIUM...