1. bangraman

    LCD-2 or 3?

    Finally decided to keep an Audeze around as I'll have a second living room. Ear time vs bang for the buck is the issue here so I'm wondering which I should pick.     Ear time can probably be measured in minutes per year. I've had the HE/V90 for years now in my existing living room (under a...
  2. Super MANSKITO

    Has any one heard the Violectric V 90?

    Was wondering if any one has heard this amp.   I m looking for amp that has super low noise floor and has lots of power.  This amp seems to fit the bill, but I can't find any reviews on it and I m really scared to pull the trigger on an amp that I can't find any information on and I can't listen...
  3. UnderNewbie

    Need advice on Headphone Amp and sound card

    Hi,   I got an Amplifier, Bose speakers and a Laptop. And, I do have an iPhone and an Android phone. I would love to use my Laptop as a source for music and sometimes, a phone as the same purpose. The problem with my Laptop is Latency so I need a sound card with headphone amp integrated.   ...
  4. jason1969

    Musical Fidelity V90-HPA - review

    Well, no-one has reviewed the V90-HPA as far as I can tell, so... I bought one.   Thinkpad T61 + P100ii. - Don't be silly! - ok, bass punch - but muddy, compressed, clipped high end range, can be involving, but crowds at anything demanding.   MF V90-HPA + P100ii. That is, a USB-DAC to...
  5. cel4145

    Reveel headphone amp to recreate the authentic live sound

    Just saw this information about the Reveel headphone amp posted on Engadget this weekend: "By using proprietary technology, Reveel adds aspects back into the sound that you find in a live environment (room phase, etc.), but lose in a studio recording." Sounds interesting. Some kind of analog...
  6. carlchip78

    Distortion problem with V90

    I've just encountered a distortion issue with my system that consists of the SA1.32 DAC that has two RCA outs (one into an integrated amplifier, the other into a Violectric V90). I only ever have one of these switched on at a time. The V90 is the newest component in this system. Today I noticed...
  7. etys rule

    Violectric V90 9/10 condition - WEEKEND SALE $360 - this weekend only

    Weekend Sale $360 through this weekend only. Great way to use your tax refund check.   This amp is now officially up for sale. Thanks for your patience while I made up my mind.   As there has been a lot written about these amps in the past, I am simply going to add that they are in fact...
  8. etys rule

    Violectric V90 opamp I don't blow up my new toy

    As I've listened to it quite a bit with the stock opamps, I would like to experiment with a few of my fav's. Thing is, I don't know if they'll be compatible or not. Ideally the 637, the 8620, and the 727, and maybe you all could recommend something new.   I am going to put my order in and I...
  9. Philharmoniker

    PRICE DROP: Violectric HPA V90 Headphone Amplifier (Black, 2 months old)

    I purchased this amp from Violectric around November and had some awesome time listening to it. However, I currently need some funds to perfect my balanced system, and this single ended amp doesn't really fit in my current inventory very well. It was a hard decision to let this go since it has...
  10. palmfish

    Violectric V90 - SOLD

    Purchased new in November 2011. This amplifier has no signs of wear, scratches, or defects - looks and performs as new. Includes original packaging and accessories (as seen in the photographs).   Price does not include shipping. Shipping add $15 for US buyers and $30 for Canadian buyers...
  11. Sludig

    Violectric V90, G100, G109

    I´m looking for aone of this amp. f you have one of them and are interested in sell it, please send me a pm with your offer.   Best regards.
  12. stubzor

    FS: Violectric HPA V90 (price drop)

    115V US Violectric v90 in great condition $360 shipped. I purchased this from a fellow headfier who purchased it from another headfier making me the third owner. The original owner purchased it new in December 2011. However we all treated it very gently and there are no scratches or...
  13. The Fed


    For sale is a Violectric V90 desktop headphone amplifier that was purchased June of last year direct from Fried at Violectric/ Lake People. Originally paid $565 and have run it for many a total of 100 hours. Wonderful, powerful amp that drives any and every headphone with authority. Alot of...
  14. bikutoru

    WTB - Violectric v90

    If you have one of Violectrics v90/v100 or even v200 please tell me what you'd want for it.   Thanks you
  15. Sludig

    Lake people G109 or Violectric V90

    I´m looking for one of this amps. I´m from Spain, so I need you can send to my country.  In good cosmetic and working order. If you are interested send me your offer with shipping cost which includes tracking number 
  16. PeachesNCream

    Violectric V90

    Hello,        I am looking to acquire a Violectric V90 amplifier in Mint or better condition. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Price is negotiable.   Payments I will pay through Amazon only, as a cc transaction. This means no fees on the part of the seller for the transaction...
  17. bodopopa

    Musical fidelity v90 dac with ipad

    I was wondering if anyone succedeed in making the ipad work with any of musical fidelity dacs. Or anyother dac in the 300 dollar market. When i say working i reffer usb , via cck
  18. jbarrentine

    Musical Fidelity V90 HPA - Request for info/impressions

    As seen here:   I've looked and my googlefu must be weak because this little amp appears to exist in a black hole. I can't find reviews or anything anywhere, and there is only a single youtube video in german, which I don't speak.    If anyone knows...
  19. Talioftheforest

    It's the same

    -I'm a 16 year old starting out trying to understand how i should go about spending my money. I'm not some intense producer or have plans of building some crazy studio in my basement i just make beats who also likes to record solo artist like myself and eventually bands. I have never had any...
  20. ModalRealist

    Q: Musical Fidelity V90 HPA

    Salutations, Can anyone tell me if the titular V90 HPA from MusicalFidelity has a DAC inside it? I was shopping for a DAC/Amp today and the salesman insisted it did - but on the company's website there is a separate DAC which appears to pair with the V90 amp. The weird thing is, the headphone...
  21. bangraman

    Just ordered Beyerdynamic Tesla.

    Impulse purchase. Having been out of 'it' for a while I didn't know this existed until I stumbled across it. I think it was the earcup patterns and the arm design in the photos which reeled me in.     I don't mind: HD650, HE/V90, O2, K701. Not so keen on: Qualia 010, SA5000, PS-1...
  22. HiFiRobot

    Musical Fidelity V90-DAC - New 32-bit DAC with USB, optical and coax

    I think this is the press release below. V90-DAC will sell for 199£ and seems to be replacing V-DAC II. Available in July 2013.   ----------------   Introduction Everybody knows that high performance, high end components have high prices. We asked ourselves, ‘Why are these pieces of...
  23. vkalia

    Good solid state amp for $500-700

    I have a pair of HD650s and have ordered a Little Dot Mk IV SE amp.  I am going to get a pair of LCD2.2s and a HE-500s, and am looking for an alternate amplifier, to complement the Little Dot.    I'd like it to be solid stage, and my budget is around $500-700.   I'd like your...
  24. Violectric HPA V90

    Violectric HPA V90

    The HPA V90 was developped with the target to enable high transmission quality for low- , medium- and high-impedance headphones. Due to its specific, variable, low-noise and low-distortion circuit design especially optimised for dynamic headphones, the HPA V90 fulfils even higher demands...