1. scott1

    FS: Violectric HPA V181 Balanced Amp-SOLD!

    Hello- Selling my amp here, as I don't really have a need for a balanced amp now that I have found a couple of long term headphones that are single ended and more easily powered. Honestly, this is just more amplifier than I need. It's in wonderful condition, indistinguishable from new really...
  2. Zorlac

    Violectric Audio HPA V181 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

    I am selling my awesome Violectric HPA V181 that I purchased new in late Jan. 2012 directly from Violectric and received in Feb. 2012.   Here is their site:   Again, I am the original and only owner. Non-smoker, no kids, no pets, etc. There is nothing...
  3. artazzzzzz

    Violectric v181 vs v200 for Audeze LCD-2 rev.2

    Hello everyone, I'm planning on getting a pair of LCD-2 rev.2 with a balanced cable with a 4 pin XLR plug. Now I am slightly confused about what a balanced setup looks like. For a DAC I would have the Asus Xonar Essence STX's DAC. I don't have enough money for a proper dedicated DAC at the...
  4. Dev Avidon

    Looking for a Violectric V181

    I do specifically want the balanced outputs, so fantastic HPAs though the other offerings are, I'm really only interested in the 181.  If you have one in good condition to sell, please let me know.  I do have some gear I can include in addition to cash as part of a trade, or some pieces I can...
  5. Dev Avidon

    WTB: fully balanced (4 board) Beta22 or Violectric V181

    Title basically says it all.  Need some top-flight solid state goodness to push my newly acquired K1Ks to their fullest, as I don't think the speaker amps I'm using for it right now are really fully tapping their potential.  I'm open to other possibilities as well, the only hard and fast...
  6. carebebear777

    FS: Violectric HPA V181

    70-80 hours of use.  car broke down so i have to sell some of my favorite gear :/   no pic, but the amp is in perfect working and cosmetic condition, no surface scratches whatsoever.   Violectric currently lists this at €714 which is probably around $1000?  I think $$$ including shipping...
  7. backbaychef

    Headroom BUDA/UDAC vs Violectric V181/V800

    I currently have the BUDA/UDAC now but am looking for other options.  Has anyone heard both of these?  I am reading good things about the Violectric V181/V800.  I am listening balanced with HD800, LA7000, and will be picking up a pair of LCD-2s.   
  8. edisonwu

    FS: Violectric HPA V181

    I have for sale a mint condition Violectric HPA V181. I will rate it audiogon scale 9-9.5/10. No scratches and works perfect. Comes with orginal packaging and manual. I am the first owner.   Asking $750 plus shipping. Will upload pictures upon request.   I have not been selling...
  9. SebastianL

    FS: Violectric HPA V181

    For sale is my mint condition Violectric HPA V181 fully balanced amplifier designed and produced in Germany. Its been used for about 100 hours. Ships with orginal packaging and manual. I am the first owner and a non smoker. The amp is located in Denmark but I might be able to organize...
  10. che15

    Violectric V181 balanced and single ended headphone amplifier and V800 DAC

    1 year old pair of German beauties sound amazing with all my headphones , LCD2 HD800 and others. I dont have boxes but have both manuals, they r in 9/10 condition only due to their age which is not much  at all. Price is firm and I cant do trades. $ 800 Off their retail price is a very...
  11. perfect-pitch

    Violectric HPA V 181 SOLD

    My beloved Violectric HPA V 181 has to go. The unit is in mint condition without any visible scratches nor fingerprints. The amp performs very well. Different positive feedbacks can be found here. It comes with all papers in it's original package AND original invoice The amp was bought in...
  12. gzbaga

    Looking for: Violectric V181 (230V) & HiFiMAN HE500 balance cable

    Violectric V181 (230V) wanted, any conditions shoot me PM.   HiFiMAN HE500 balance cable, either the one made by hifiman or any other cable company.   Located in Sydney. International sellers are welcomed.
  13. whitefang

    IC: Violectric V200 for V181

    Just an interest check. I am thinking of going balanced so may trade my V200 for a V181. The V200 is in excellent condition, looks perfect, and I would want the V181 in great condition as well. Please PM. Thank you.
  14. mikek200

    Vioelectric V181 amp

    Want to buy,the above Please Pm me with details & price.   Thanks Mike
  15. Kepic

    Violectric USB 24/96 PCB for V100 V181 V200 **2nd PRICE DROP**

    Selling Violectric USB PCB   bought from Aus authorized dealer for AU188   Good backup plan for V100/V181/V200   now 140 including domestic shipping   will include the box, manual   Thanks. :)
  16. gjkphd

    Violectric V181

    Looking for one of these US only.   thanks
  17. TigzStudio

    Violectric V181 Balanced & Single Ended amplifier *Sold

    SOLD     edit:  forgot to mention it is 115V.
  18. SBranson

    Violectric V181 Balanced Headphone Amp

    Downsizing the system so I am selling this excellent amplifer. You can read the features on their site. Interesting to note is that the 2 single ended jacks are opposite in phase from each other. It was interesting to hear the different sound from each. I was running my Beyerdynamic T1s...
  19. FraGGleR

    WANTED - Violectric V181 (North America use)

    Looking for a mint/excellent condition Violectric HPA V181 for US use.  Have around $700 to acquire one.   Please let me know if you have one you are willing to sell.   Thanks!
  20. DannyBuoy

    Violectric V181 Balanced AMP with 24/96 USB DAC Input

    Very clean, powerful, balanced DAC/AMP combo used to drive my LCD2 Rev1 for past year. Bought new in June 2011 and kept in my office at work in AC controlled, clean, smoke free, pet free environment with no sunlight (I work in a cave-like area with no windows to outside).   This is an...
  21. cvision123

    Violectric V181

    Hi all,   I would like to sell my Violectric V181 balance amplifier. I've been using this amp with the M2Tech Young and Sennheiser HD800. The sound is impressive.   The amplifier is in mint condition, no visible scratch. It comes with the original manual, the carton, and the receipt. It can...
  22. 3dit0r

    First Headphone Amp

    Hi All! I'm trying to make my first foray into headphones, although I'm a long time audiophile (no idea why it's taken me this long!). I've read a bunch of reviews and threads and could do with a little help sorting the wood from the trees, as there is nowhere near me I can listen to any of...
  23. gou-tsou

    headphone amplifier for hifiman he 5le

    Hello everyone,   I've been reading the head-fi forum for a while but it's the first time i decide to ask your help. As the title indicates i am in search of an amplifier suitable for the he 5le headphones. I have read many threads about the specific subject and many opinions already...
  24. MorbidToaster

    Is There an Up-To-Date Balanced Amp List?

    Been doing some looking but can't seem to find one that's up to date. Looking at my options for a balanced system (hoping 4 pin, but 3 pin is always an option).   I know about the Apache, WA22, gd Phoenix, Violectric V181, HeadRoom Balanced, EC Balancing Act...   That's all I can grab...
  25. project86

    Review: Violectric HPA V200 amp

        INTRO   I recently posted a review of the Violectric HPA V181 headphone amplifier. I found it to be a very nice product, driving all of my headphones exceptionally well and providing some stiff competition for other amps in the $1000 price range. This is part two of the review, since...