1. scott1


    Selling my Lake People RS06 DAC with the Tenor chipset for the USB port. I just purchased this new from their NJ distributor in January but I realized that it's just really more than I need. In absolute perfect condition with original packaging and manual. I also have a pair of Silver Serpent...
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    maudio ftu usb t1 hpa v200 dac v800
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    mbp hd700 hd800 hpa v200 dac v800
  5. aphinity

    Alternatives to Audiolab M-DAC?

    Think I might just pull the trigger on the Audiolab M-DAC.  Looks like a winner......   Unless, someone has a better option sub-$1000 that drives headphones and monitors well?   Thanks.
  6. WiR3D

    Steve Kondik (CyanogenMod) working on USB Audio!

    Steve Kondik has decided to personally work on USB audio implementation on CM11, and he is learning what I have learnt, that its a mess.  gerrit link    So in light of this uphill challenge, I would like to gather support and show appreciation for the effort he is doing. Please post your...
  7. perfect-pitch

    Violectric V800 DAC *SOLD*

    Hello guys. I am selling my Violectric V800 . The DAC is in absolutely perfect condition. It comes with power cord, manual and the original package.   International shipping is possible. International shipping quotes on request.       Pictues will follow later on..     Cheers...
  8. zhunter

    Violectric V800/V200 DAC & Amp combo

    I bought this combo for $2.2k at on 3rd May, 2013, in like new, mint condition, come with all the original boxes, manual and cables. Units are 230V/115V Australian cables. Nothing wrong with this fantastic DAC/Amp combo, selling to help fund for another higher DAC/Amp...
  9. zhunter

    Violectric V800/V200 DAC & Amp combo, price dropped!

    I bought this combo for $2.2k at on 3rd May, 2013, in like new, mint condition, come with all the original boxes, manual and cables. Units are 230V/115V Australian cables. Nothing wrong with this fantastic DAC/Amp combo, selling to help fund for another higher DAC/Amp...
  10. zhunter

    WTB: Violectric V800 DAC

    Im located in Sydney, Australia, so if anyone interested in selling, shoot me a pm then. Thanks!
  11. dfarina

    WTB:Violectric V800 DAC.

    Looking for a V800 in good condition,if you have one you are considering selling please let me know. Dave
  12. cired

    Violectric V800 Dac Excellent Condition - Priced to Sell

    (Sale Pending)   I have decided to do an upgrade so my Violectric V800 is now for sale. I am the original owner and it was purchased directly from Violectric. The dac is in mint condition with no scratches and works perfectly with low hours. I have no feedback here on Head-fi but my ebay...
  13. baritone


    After receiving a  green light to publish what I had done with my dac I want to share here my successfull experience first I changed the t1 headphone connector to two femal xlr connector (each one for left and right channels) after this change I connected the t1 "directely" to the...
  14. santacore

    Violectric V800 DAC

    Violectric V800 DAC in excellent condition. Fantastic sounding DAC, definitely my favorite under $1500. Original owner. Will ship in original packaging.   Conus preferred. Local pickup in Los Angeles welcome   Paypal add 3% or money order      
  15. Zombie_X

    Review: Violectric V800 DAC

            Hi all, Zombie-X here again with another review for the good boys and girls of I've been playing around with this DAC for about a month now and I figured it's time to give you all a nice, straight to the point review of it.    I would like to take the time...
  16. backbaychef

    Headroom BUDA/UDAC vs Violectric V181/V800

    I currently have the BUDA/UDAC now but am looking for other options.  Has anyone heard both of these?  I am reading good things about the Violectric V181/V800.  I am listening balanced with HD800, LA7000, and will be picking up a pair of LCD-2s.   
  17. tbger99

    Want to buy: Violectric V800

      Hello,   Looking for a used V800 D/A converter.  I'd usually buy new, but import duties really are a deal breaker in this case.     Paying through PayPal.  You pay the fee, I cover shipping costs.     I don't have plenty of feedback here, and since there's no way to prove...
  18. leongiu

    WTB. VIOLECTRIC V800 (Europe)

    I want to buy VIOLECTRIC V800. Please send best offer, including transport in Italy. Send photo. Thank you. Ciao Giuliano.
  19. Kepic

    Violectric V800 or W4S DAC-1

    Want to buy a Violectric V800 DAC or W4S DAC-1   please PM me if you're interested in this :)   I'm located in Australia   but I can accept your V800 to be 115V only    Thank you so much!!!
  20. Kepic

    Violectric V800 DAC

    Awesome review from Project86   ---------------------------   Time to let this awesome DAC go as I have some college payment to make :(   Really don't want to do this but...   anyway    Bought this Violectric...
  21. Kepic

    Is it practical to buy a cable that connects directly from my V800 DAC to HD800?

    I'm currently running my HD800 with V800+V200 dac   someday I saw a member's reply that he had his T1 recabled and connect it directly to V800 and found the sound good.   I found a cable maker that are willing to do a cardas 6ft cable for $250 shipped   the spec is:    HD800...
  22. Ph1lerAudi0

    WTB Violectric V800 DAC

    If anyone has this DAC that they'd like to sell, let's talk:)   Thanks
  23. che15

    Violectric V181 balanced and single ended headphone amplifier and V800 DAC

    1 year old pair of German beauties sound amazing with all my headphones , LCD2 HD800 and others. I dont have boxes but have both manuals, they r in 9/10 condition only due to their age which is not much  at all. Price is firm and I cant do trades. $ 800 Off their retail price is a very...