1. M

    I need help to use my vintage pioneer CS-307 speakers

    I have some really old speakers but I can't figure out how to use them. I'm relatively new to this whole technology thing and would really like some help. My speakers are of the pioneer brand and the model is Cs-307. I would really appreciate if someone would help me to use the speakers. Cause...
  2. Uppertaker

    FS: Vintage DT880

    600ohm studio version 80's DT880, custom pads and worn headband. drivers and earcups perfect conditions rare model
  3. Uppertaker

    FS: Sennheiser HD540 II vintage

    Selling HD540 II really good condition, almost new. Headphone from the 80's selling with hd650 cable
  4. ilikebananafudge

    SOLD: AKG K240 Monitor (600 ohms) **price drop**

    ** SOLD ** These were the most popular studio monitors for 30 years from the 80s to the early 2000s and were discontinued in 2006. These were found in my ex-girlfriend's dad's basement a few years ago so I don't know much about their origin. They sound surprisingly good (to me), but they don't...
  5. nofarewell

    Looking for: Sony MDR-E252 earbuds

    Hi, I am looking for a set of Sony MDR-E252 headphones. It should come with the dedicated winding case and should be good, operating condition. Colour doesn't matter. Please write me if you have a pair for sale. Thanks
  6. GREQ

    JVC HA-D1000 - The 1993 flagship you've never heard of

    Year of release - (?) 1989-1993 Type - Moving Coil Driver Size - 50mm Frequency Response - 15-28,000 Hz Nominal Impedance - 32Ω Sensitivity - 95dB/mW Maximum Power Handling - 100mW (?) Weight without cable - 340g Cable length - 5m Twelve years before the release of the HA-DX1000 (2005) JVC...
  7. rotaspeed

    [SOLD]Dark Voice 336SE with upgraded tubes

    hey there head fi, I think i have finished my time with tubes and just want to stay with solid state. Im open to trade for a Bifrost Multibit Upgraded Tubes: RCA JAN 6AS7G Tung Sol 5998 Tung Sol 6SN7GTB RCA 6SN7GTB Also comes with stock tubes.
  8. innerspaceboy

    Please help me identify the model of these vintage chrome 70s headphones I lost in a divorce

    I received these funky vintage chrome/silver/aluminum/metal cone-shaped on-ear headphones as a Christmas gift from an old friend in 2015. They were stolen by my ex-wife when she moved out, and I've been unable to track down a replacement pair ever since. 90% sure they were made in Japan and...
  9. nofarewell

    Sony DR-A90C / DR-W70

    Hi All, I am here to look for a pair of old Sony DR-A90C and/or Sony DR-W70C. They are Sony vertical earbuds with mics. Please write me if you have a spare pair, I'd really make good use of them. Cheers :)
  10. mueslitoeter

    [WTB] Cowon iAudio CW100, CW200, CW300, G-series

    Hello Head-fiers, I am looking for the first Cowon iAudio Players CW100, CW200, CW300 and the G series too. If you have those for sale, I am more than happy if you contact me. Greetings mueslitoeter
  11. ChevyMonsenhor

    Balance potentiometer on my amp lost center - how do i fix it?

    My main amplifier (for both headphones and speakers) is a vintage Onkyo A-817XD integrated amp from 1988 which i believe was never revised by its previous owner(s). Recently i noticed that when i allow the tonal controls on it to function (the only way the amp allows the balance control to be...
  12. noclevername

    My newest find: 1913 Edison C150

    Couldn't help myself and had to snag this up since I will probably never get another chance. It's working and has quite a few of the Diamond disks with it. What are your thoughts on it? Not to sure fiber have many who care for vintage audio, but felt I should share.
  13. Wildcatsare1

    FS: Fisher 440T Receiver, Sounds Incredible! Price Drop $250

    For sale, my wonderful sounding Fisher 440T Receiver, the wood cabinet is in good condition (excellent given its age), pictures available upon request.
  14. ActiveEnergy

    A Stranger with a Strange Request

    Hello! I am new here. I made an account simply to get help in finding a very oddly specific pair of headphones, and I guess this is the best placd to ask :). I listen to music on a regular basis with my home set-up. I have an amp and a record player, which go out to speakers. But recently a...
  15. D

    New laser on Sony cdp-x3000es

    Hi guys, found this forum when looking up on how to change the laser on my cd player. I recently acquired it as it fits well with my other equipment but noticed that it skips quite badly. From sometimes jumping back a second on early tracks to looping 10-15 seconds on later tracks. I've ordered...
  16. yanaginagi

    FS: Audio-Technica W10-VTG

    Hello all. Up for sale is the vintage audio-technica w10-vtg woodies! Have not been using them for quite a while so I guess it's best to find them a new home. Got these from Japan a while ago and its still in great condition. Will provide free UPS Ground shipping to CONUS. Please PM me for...
  17. yanaginagi

    FS: Sony CD3000 black plug

    Hello all, looking to find a new home for this baby to fund my new system. This pair is the first-production, made-in-Japan, black-plug version. She's still in great working condition and the previous Japanese owner has exchanged the headband leather and replaced new earpads. The rubber band...
  18. shigzeo

    Shigzeo's decades-late Minidisc review thread

    Hey guys and girls, I know this is perhaps decades late, but I've recently been getting back into Minidisc. Reasons are outlined below but I intend to update this thread when I have a new review/video of units I have on hand, ones I think are worth keeping, ones I think are trash, and ones I...
  19. Karendar

    [SOLD] Yamaha HP-1 Orthodynamic headphones vintage

    Hi, Selling a pair of Yamaha HP-1's Orthodynamic headphones in great condition! Has original pads and cable. The jack was flaking out, so I resoldered it on a 3.5mm right angled jack. Works great with phones or DAP's! Will ship anywhere as long as buyer pays shipping. I have a corporate...
  20. dude5OO


  21. Kitchener

    BOUGHT/OVER: WTB used Stax Lambda SR (Pro?) with amp

    Hi! I'm looking to get a taste of some vintage Stax Lambda SR electrostatic headphones. I'll also need a Stax amp to power them. New Stax cost way more than I'm comfortable paying (the missus will quite literally kill me and feed me to our kids), so I'm hoping to score some of the old ones...
  22. wppk

    brand new unboxed rare sony mdr-007 mkII

    hello I have this rare vintage brand new unboxed sony mdr-007 mkII for sale. I will ship it everywhere. I am asking 50 euros for it, plus the shipping, to be calculated depending on your location. thanks for reading Luc
  23. K1030

    [IC] Vintage Technics SA-828 Receiver and SL-1301 Turntable

    Both are in good condition working condition but have some cosmetic flaws but still look great for their age. Looking to sell the pair but willing to split if the price is right. If you're interested let me know.
  24. K1030

    [IC] Vintage Technics SA-828 Stereo Receiver and SL-1301 Turntable

    Both are in good condition working condition but have some cosmetic flaws but still look great for their age. Looking to sell the pair but willing to split if the price is right. If you're interested let me know.
  25. 3Pillars

    FS Sennheiser HD580 Modded good condition $135

    They were my first pair of hifi headphones. They are probably early production run since I bought them around 2001. These vintage phones still sound great. I made my own mahogany cups. They fit well, are felt lined and poly filled. They are not sealed, but not open either. The cups are held on...