1. audionewbi

    VenturCraft Soundroid Typhoon

    I thought it deserves its own thread. Crossing my fingure that it has a low output impedance. This is exactly what I though the DD socket 1 needed.          UPDATE on 21/5/2013       Update: 31/5/2013   High quality with zoom capability link...
  2. MahthovenWang

    Portable amp for my gear

    Hi guys, I am newbie here and hope you guys don't mind my ignorance here... I currently own an iBasso P4 amp to use with my Beyer T90 and Westone 4R. However, I am looking for an upgrade for my amplification but I am certainly puzzled by the diversity of amps out there in the market...... My...
  3. tang0188

    Recommendations for iPhone 5 DAC/AMP setup

    Being an amateur in this field of DACs and Amplifiers, I would sincerely hope to obtain some great insights and recommendations for iPhone 5. Right now I am eyeing on ADL X1, but how does it scale up in terms of performance to other DACs / Amps around. I can't seem to find a good review for...
  4. Nicolas L

    iPods and External DACs

    Once again, the newbie has a question. Recently, I've been thinking about getting a DAC to pair with my iPod, but I've read all over on Head-Fi that external DACs (e.g. FiiO E07K/E17) will only work as an amp when paired. Is this just a misconception, or do DACs only work with a *specific* range...
  5. shigzeo

    Sony's DSD-capable PHA-2 portable headphone amp/DAC

      Sony have just released information about the continuation of the PHA series. Their new PHA-2 DAC/headphone amp will support DSD at sampling rates of 2,8 and 5,6MHz. It looks to share the same form factor, but sports a couple of improvements to the design. Yes, you still get the roll cage...
  6. VentureCraft SounDroid Typhoon

    VentureCraft SounDroid Typhoon

    - iDevice and USB portable DAC/Amp. - Capable of DSD playback from PC. - 3500 mAh batter with the ability to charge iDevice. - Optical in/out and analog in. - Up sampling iDevice signal up to 192kHz/32bit.