1. Empire Ears Valkyrie

    Empire Ears Valkyrie

    The Valkyrie is the energy of a live performance distilled into an in ear monitor. A rich and tight low end drives a listening experience akin to being in a crowded arena with your favorite band. The crisp and detailed highs are airy with enormous treble extension while the mids are lush and...
  2. mashuto

    SOLD: Empire Ears Valkyrie (Universal)

    Hi all. For sale is a pair of Universal Empire Ears Valkyrie. These are a pretty new pair, but I am the second owner. Purchased initially to round out my collection, but I found that they were already kind of redundant based on some of the other IEMs I already own. My ears are also weird and...
  3. Empire Ears Wraith

    Empire Ears Wraith

  4. szore

    Empire Ears Valkyrie** Impressions Thread

    I do not believe this thread exists, so I thought i would try to start one.
  5. Barra

    US Head-Fi Tour: Empire Ears Wraith vs. Valkyrie TOTL CIEM Tour - Starting October 2019 I can say with confidence, that the majority of portable gear/CIEM loving Head-Fiers have been eagerly following the new impressions of Empire Ear's new Wraith and Valkyrie models. I said the same thing last year with the Phantom and the Legend X who's tour is still...
  6. KuroKitsu

    SOLD [FS] Empire Ears Valkyrie (Universal)

    Up for sale this time is a like new Empire Ears Valkyrie hybrid. Owned for roughly 2 weeks it comes with 4.4mm Terminate Eros II. Love the sound, but unfortunately the new shell design doesn't play well with my left ear and won't give a good seal. Comes with all original packaging and...