vacuum tubes
  1. T

    Is it a good idea to leave my tube amp on, or turn it off when I'm not around?

    I have a Douk Audio P1 Tube amplifier. I turn off the amp at night, but leave it on all day, even though I'm not at the computer. Should I turn off the amp when I leave the computer, or should I leave them on? I ask this because vacuum tubes have a lifespan of around 5,000 hours, and if the...
  2. Andykong

    Cayin N3Pro DAP: Dual AK4493 and MQA with Vacuum Tube

    Cayin has just announced N3Pro Dual AK4493 DAC Fully balanced design with 4.4mm and 3.5mm phone out Powerful 800mW@32Ω Balanced Headphone output Tube and Solid Dual Timbre (3.5mm single-ended only) Triode and Ultra-linear Mode (3.5mm Tube only) 2 line out, 2 digital out, USB DAC Hi-Res Wireless...
  3. S

    Has anyone put a *really* good 12AU7 tube into the Bravo Ocean?

    I'm wondering if it's worth the money for maybe a $100+ Mullard or would I be better off putting that into a better amp in the future? Like if I add a $100 tube to this $100 amp will I get a $200 amp or is that too much makeup on the pig? Has anyone done this and was it worth the money? I...