1. TegraStorm

    earplugs to isolate the most sound for noisy places?

    I have noticed that i am constantly exposed to lots of noises, maybe 50-65db for more than 8 hours and i am looking for some earplugs to wear which will isolate the most sound, if isolating 45db is possible then that would be great... i was looking to v-moda faders VIP but im looking the wrong...
  2. percusski

    custom moulds v generics - IEM system for drummer

    Hi again...I'm getting mixed reports on what is the 'best' option for playing drums live to sequencers over a band/on stage volume. Some say the custom moulds provide the best isolation but can leave you with a detached feeling from your instrument, others say that better isolation can be...
  3. talisman42

    cans for toddlers

    First off, daughter looks damn cute wearing cans :)   At the church we go to, the speakers can get very loud. Sometimes, I have to cup my hands over her hears. Sometimes her older friends do the same for her and hold her ears. I've looked around for toddler sized phones, but not sure if I'm...
  4. AstroTurf

    V-Moda Faders... The "WORLD'S FINEST" IEM Styled, High Fidelity Filter, for living life!!!

    Yes Sir, That's Right. The V-Moda Faders. Look at all the tips... Look at this hard case. And if you turn the cord out, it can be worn around the neck like this... Perdy Kewl packaging too, Very Green. They allow you to live life safely in this noisy world we live in. Plus, I...
  5. V-MODA Faders VIP Tuned Metal Earplugs (Gunmetal Black)

    V-MODA Faders VIP Tuned Metal Earplugs (Gunmetal Black)

    Prevent hearing loss! Faders VIP tuned earplugs are essential at clubs, concerts, racing, music practice and events. Constructed from metal for the best sound, Faders VIP reduces harmful noise levels evenly by 12dB. This ensures music and speech passes through with crystal clarity. Faders VIP...