1. BananaOoyoo

    Upgrade from HD-595?

    Hi! Long time reader here looking for a new pair of headphones.   Price: $500 (or slightly higher)   Music: Anything and Everything! (Electronic, Kpop, Dubstep, Rock, Classical, Rap, etc.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64liF2VuLxI (Ratatat - Loud Pipes)...
  2. karljs

    Anything with zero noise bleed? Up to $400 or so

    I'm not sure that what I want even exists, but here it goes. I work in a silent environment and need it to stay that way. I've owned several sets of IEMs and just don't find them comfortable. I really want something full-sized.   I know closed-back headphones are generally best for this...
  3. GaNi

    Best BassHead Headphone <150$ ?

    Hello, I'm new here(but searched and read few headphones thread over here) Basically looking for a DJ style headphone. I am really into the thumps and I always tune to Dubstep, Dn'B, Electronic, Progressive House and my Equalizers low frequencies are always higher than the mids. I was...
  4. WhoJimmy

    Best Headphones to buy for $150?

    I'm looking for a pair of decent headphones for around $150. I've been looking at the Sony XB700's, but idk yet. I don't know much about headphones. I mainly listen to Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B. Thanks! EDIT: I prefer mostly Over the ear headphones though.
  5. TheJesusGuy

    Best closed headphones to recommend to replace the Beats Solo HDs.

    My friend has a pair of Beats Solo HDs and the ****ty plastic headband is cracking. He is going to replace them with another pair, but I want to tell him what other phones he should get instead of those pieces of overpriced plastic. Ideas?
  6. ScaryFatKidGT

    Recomend me more headphones that sound how I want them to. (Denon D-5000's)

    K here is what I got   Shure SRH-840 - little grainy and forward (shouty?) in the mids but other wise great (how I like) in the mids and treble, but no lowend.   DT-770 Pro 80ohm - Use to like them but there really muffled and laid back kind of, not like Sennheiser, they have good speed...
  7. Hollow

    Vmoda M80 defect?

    Hello. I recently purchased the m80s from amazon and just received them a couple hours ago, out of the box I thought they felt solid. Now, a couple hours later, I find that the left side's adjustment creaks as well as the ear cup. Is this a problem that is common for them? Should I try and...
  8. stan2

    looking to bump up a couple notches with new headphones

    I have a 10 yr old pr of Grado SR80, which I like, and RE-0 from HiFiMan, plus a couple Yuin...  All sub-$100.  I'm waffling between Senn HD-25-1 ll and V Moda crossfade m80 right now.  I'll probably use them primarily at home, mostly direct from a tube CDP (Eastern Electric minimax, which...
  9. Jash

    New headphones for Colorway C3.

    Hello. I would like to buy Colorway C3. For this moment i have 2 headphones: Koss Porta Pro Sennheiser HD555 I need headphones for hardcore, melodic death metal etc. I don't know that the Porta and HD555 are ok with sound of C3. If they didn't what kind of headphones would you recommend? I...
  10. lupend

    Vmoda M-80s worth it?

    (First post so be nice)   Soo i just ordered the Vmoda M-80s for 130 dollars and i was wondering if i should cancel or not how do they compare in terms of bass when going up against the beats studio   Also i have the HD428s and was wondering what to expect in comparison to these? Are...
  11. stephtmb

    OVER THE EAR HEADPHONES......Please Help Me

    I know NOTHING about headphones and hope that someone on this site may be able to help me. I have a 16 year old daughter that asked for "Beats" for Christmas, I am a single mother and $300 is $$$$ to put out for headphones....especially after reading the reviews She listens to music on her...
  12. davidsh

    What to get for Christmas?

    The title says most. I am wondering, what you would get, if you were me. The budget is around 350 dollars, and alternatively I can get my money back on my new dt-880, which would get me approximately 350 dollars extra.   I would really like a CIEM, but i am only 17, so i guess it would be...
  13. headphone man07

    headphones for my friend

    Hi head-fiers, a friend of mine is looking for headphones and went to me (her local headphone geek) and is looking for cans that look good, good for pop and most other genres, under 100 pounds sound amazing (she didn't ask for that but I'd cringe if they weren't) and won't deafen her (she's...
  14. shisnitty

    crossfade v-moda for $80 or m-80 for $150? (also earphone " Klipsch Image X10 question)

    I was going to get the M-80, but amazon just released their deals and those two have pretty great deals. I don't have a single "hi-fi" earphone or headphone, so I was wondering if the improvements of the m-80 are worth paying the extra $70+  for. Also since the x10s are incredibly "relatively"...
  15. shisnitty

    Do I need an amp? Use with laptop and iphone 5

    Just bought my first pair of high quality headphones and earphones to use with my laptop (onboard realtek stuff so probably not much to expect out of it) and my iphone 5.   I got some x10s and m80s, do they need to be ampd? I have no clue in this department and really have no idea how to...
  16. snowbrdr464

    Headphone jack issues (Fiio E10, GSIII, Vmoda M80)

    So I've been having a pretty complicated issue with my headphone jacks. Most importantly, today I just received a Fiio E10. My M80's work fine using the line out port, but when plugged into the headphone port, the sound is super warped, like there is no trebble. The sound however does sound fine...
  17. MarcJC

    [V-Moda M80] Confirming red shield color (Was I shipped hot pink?)

    Question 2 of my intro to head-fi! Hello folks.   My V-Moda M80s came in a couple of days ago. Right out of the box, I noticed the red shields I ordered seemed off (My design came through perfectly though! Kudos to you, V-Moda for getting those tiny pixels in that image for my desired fading...
  18. sn0wday

    Good pair of on-ears for under $150

    So my cousin hit me up asking about what a good pair of headphones for christmas would be. Last summer I educated her about dre-beats and whatnot, that you really not getting what you pay for.   She wants a pair of on-ears, so like dre-beat size (I dunno I don't own any on ears haha), and no...

    Portable over/around ear headphone for ~$200?

      Hi, I'm new here on Head-fi and am interested in buying some good headphones for while I'm working. I work in a factory generally dont have to walk far from my station for 2-3 hours at a time. I want something that doesn't require an amp but I may be interested in using one in the future. I...
  20. PTMoff

    over ear closed back portable headphones under 150 euro/dollar

    Im looking for a pair of closed portable full size headphones and by portable i mean walking around with them in the city. I like strong base as i listen to lots of dance music but i still like the highs of classical and rock aswell,I would like them to reasonably neutral and clear,I will not be...
  21. wolfetan44

    V-Moda M80 or the Bowers & Wilkins P3?

    Trying to prove a point to my friend. I think the M80's will be better but she seems to like the P3 better. I'll show this to my friend, any help? Also, recommend any headphone if you think she would like it better. She doesn't need a bassy signature so shoot away.
  22. Hydrocharged

    Is the ATH-ES10 what I want for Christmas?

    I seem to post quite a few threads asking for advice on headphones, even though I read a trillion reviews around here. Anyway, I'm thinking about getting the Audio Technica ATH-ES10 for Christmas as I don't have a pair of high end (not ultra high end like the Sennheiser HE90) over-ears. I've...
  23. Mheat122134

    V-Moda M-80 vs V-Moda M-100?

    I still hear some people say that M-80 is the better option.
  24. biggbenn74

    Headphones For The GF (Style Over Sound, Unfortunately)

    Hello once again, Head-Fi! My question today is: what headphones do females like? Particularly college age. My girlfriend has been needing some OVER EARS for some time now, and it's going to be Christmas soon... So, what better time than now. Alright, for starters, she is particularly fond of...
  25. headphone man07

    top ten most indistructable cans

    rules as follows 1 got to be indistructable (well at least as close as possible) 2 got to have different drivers 3 got to be full sized closed cans lets find these hard headphones who think they're strong enough n.b. no tests will actually be done on them