usb cable
  1. S

    USB Cables

    I find myself in a room with somewhat limited space. I have my computer that I use for listening to and producing music, and a MIDI controller behind where I sit. I'm trying to get my equipment set up so that my headphones cable will reach from the amp to where I sit to use the MIDI controller...
  2. OceanRanger

    Impactful System Upgrades - cables, sources, power, ...

    Which of your system upgrades, excluding headphones and amplifiers, have had the biggest impact to your listening enjoyment? Headphone cables, interconnects, digital cables, DACs, tubes, servers, streamers, reclockers, ethernet switches, AC cables, linear power supplies, power conditioners...
  3. squadgazzz

    USB-B to USB-C short cable?

    I'm looking for a 40cm USB-B -> USB-C to connect my DAC with my laptop. Does anyone provide this kind of cables? I've found AudioQuest only but they're too long for me.
  4. Whazzzup

    The chord company Sarum T Digital Super Aray USB cable

    Had the opportunity to step up to a premium USB cable after doing some reasearch, kept returning to Sarum t digital super aray usb. Considering I have a flagship server from antipodes audio coming I figured the transport to my Chord TT HD USB should be worthy and in my case, an experiment...
  5. waveSounds

    Elektron USB Cable

    No threads about this USB cable by Elektron yet... nor a single mention of. For those out there looking for an inexpensive, decent quality USB A to USB B cable to hook their DAC to their PC, this is the answer. Using it as an interconnect between a Dangerous Music SOURCE and my PC, via an...
  6. Cartma

    Why do USB cables make such a difference?

    As with everything, you start out as a skeptic and with an open mind you are able to stumble across pieces of equipment that you can't believe you went with-out. After trying a few USB cables I came across the Nordost Blue Heaven USB. This was the first USB cable that actually made an...