usb-c to 3.5mm
  1. Kuang Pai Plus 4 USB DAC

    Kuang Pai Plus 4 USB DAC

    Product description 1: Kuang Pai plus4 selects two flagship large package DAC decoder chips to build 4 channels of fully differential balanced output method. 2: The circuitry part uses two anti-interference rt6863 op-amp chips, four-channel drive capability, and selected ultra-low noise unique...
  2. Tempotec Sonata BHD Pro

    Tempotec Sonata BHD Pro

    Tempotec Sonata BHD Pro is a USB C dongle DAC and headphone amplifier which adopts asynchronous USB chip, dual dac chip CS43131, professional FPGA and 3 high performance oscillators hardware design to achive low lateny and high precesion data transfer ability. Sonata BHD pro supports up to...
  3. F.AUDIO KS01

    F.AUDIO KS01

    -KS01 uses an es9038q2m decoding chip for better performance, -Stronger decoding ability, -Playing ordinary lossless whole machine with low power consumption of only 60ma, -High signal-to-noise ratio, with HIFI level complete power management and decoding, -Decoding supports up to PCM...
  4. E

    Cellphone Video/Audio

    The title of this thread covers a lot .... I am looking to use my cellphone (Galaxy S21) as a one-man-band cinema/audio device. I pretty much have the cinema part nailed with the incredible *mcpro24fps* software, which gives me pretty much absolute control over the camera variables. Audio is...