usb a to usb b
  1. Adnan Firoze

    USB A-B DAC Cables - alternatives to the Audioquest Line

    Hi, Interesting story. I posted a picture of my setup woth the iFi Micro DSD Black Label with an Audeze LCD2 with an iPurifier 3.0 and a jitterbug with AQ Forest/Cinnamon cable (both of which are quite expensive in my humble opinion) being used. Someone pointed out that I should "at least" get...
  2. waveSounds

    Elektron USB Cable

    No threads about this USB cable by Elektron yet... nor a single mention of. For those out there looking for an inexpensive, decent quality USB A to USB B cable to hook their DAC to their PC, this is the answer. Using it as an interconnect between a Dangerous Music SOURCE and my PC, via an...