1. MadlyB

    Creative Aurvana, Urbanears, Bose Oh my!

    I've been looking to buy some headphones and have been doing some extensive research on some products I'm interested in. I am by no means an audiophile, but would like some good headphones, with good sound, good comfort (especially since I wear glasses), durable, that won't break the bank.  ...
  2. stewie

    Coloud Colours VS Urban Plattan ears

    I'm really doubting between these two. They have the similar design but I don't know wich have the best price-quality. Could somoene help me?   regards
  3. Urbanears Plattan Over Ear Headphones in Black

    Urbanears Plattan Over Ear Headphones in Black

    Urbanears makes headphones that fit your everyday life. With a legacy in functionality, Urbanears supplies the perfect listening device for anyone with a pocket full of music and a wish to make the most of it. Plattan was designed to be the perfect classic headphone, utilizing innovative...