1. llamaluv

    PGGB Offline Remastering

    Wanna use this as a place to discuss the new PGGB upsampling software which was released publicly just a couple months ago? What do you guys think? There's much to discuss about it, and it may be difficult to talk in depth about it in some of the various hardware product-specific threads (eg...
  2. GoldenOne

    An exploration of Chord DAVE, MScaler, Qutest, and Holo May, HQPlayer

    I currently have a number of fantastic products on my desk, and given this interesting opportunity to directly compare some products that are usually not something many will have heard, and if they have, will likely have heard on different systems, I wanted to do just that. Compare in a direct...
  3. christian u

    Native DSD makes DSD 512 version of the Sound Liaison DXD original, upsampling???

    Help me understand this; Native DSD has just released a sampler with 5 tracks in DSD 512. It says; "These higher bit rate DSD 512 tracks are all pure DSD created. They are not up samplings, for there are no PCM or DXD conversions involved in their production."... ? I happen to own the last track...
  4. Matias

    JRiver SoX upsampling parameters: call for +1

    JRiver has implemented upsampling using the open source SoX codec for a while now, but it is only implemented as a checkbox "on or off" on the local playback. The full parameter set of SoX enables the user to choose between linear o minimal phase, steep or slow roll off options. This is...