1. OneL0ve

    What's the best 10 driver universal IEM right now?

    I am looking to buy a 10 driver universal IEM this Black Friday.    I am currently looking at the Noble Audio Kaiser 10U or the Unique Melody Mentor Universal.   Any suggestions?   Thanks!
  2. listen4joy

    Want to Buy the King Of IEM (best iem in the market) Noble Kaiser 10 or Unique Melody Mentor ?

    my main dilema is beetween the K10 and the Unique Melody Mentor. i know that Roxxanes are also exellent but i heard  K10 and Melody mentor are the 2 tops. someone has experience with those 2 iems?
  3. angelo898

    Noble audio k10 or unique melody mentor?

    Can anyone who has both or has heard both chime in on how these 2 compare?
  4. Unique Melody Mentor acrylic universal/custom

    Unique Melody Mentor acrylic universal/custom

    10 balanced armature driver universal or custom from unique melody.