1. Nathanael

    Ultrasone Pro 550

    I'm selling my Ultrasone Pro 550. Price fo a new unit in Germany- 179 euro.   technical codition- 100% perfect   cosmetical - some minor scratches on silver plates plates (see photos)   Comes with original box, coiled exchangable cable and one extra pair unsused earpads.   I...
  2. DashBerlin

    Sound quality headphones for gaming and music?

    I am looking to get new headphones for gaming and music on my computer and had ordered some ultrasone hfi 580's on amazon but they are out of stock and it might be a while. If I were to cancel those and choose between the audio technica ad700's and the siberia v2's which would be better for...
  3. renji1337

    Audiocheck driver match test.

    Are my headphones faulty if i hear the frequences do a left to right sweep? I head some sweeping in the test with my ultrasone pro 550's
  4. ztec

    Ultrasone Pro 550 Velour Earpads?

    New to the forum, lots of great info on here. I'm currently using a Sony 7506, and I'm looking to take a slight step up with headphones soon with the Ultrasone Pro 550s. Only thing is, I really don't like pleather pads and currently am using the dt250 velour pads on my Sony's. Which velour pads...
  5. renji1337

    Looking to upgrade my PRO 550's

    I'm looking to upgrade my pro 550's, about 50% music and 50% gaming use and I honestly liked these pro 550's. they are my first real headphone and im looking for a newer headphone for the same uses, i've been eyeing maybe a used dt990 pro 600ohm?   Any reccomendations (i like the bass on the...
  6. DashBerlin

    Ultrasone 550 pro's vs HFI 580's

    Trying to decide between these two headphones for both gaming and listening to music on my computer. Which one's would be the better for not only good bass but good overall sound as well?
  7. chuckle490

    Ultrasone pro 550, pro 750, or HFI 580 for EDM?

    I'm in the market for new headphones and I need to hear some opinions on which of these three headphones perform the best for edm. I listen to artists like Boys Noize, Daft Punk, Terravita, mr OIZO, and Zomboy if that helps.I'm a bit of a bass head but only as long as the mids and highs are not...
  8. sublym

    Looking to buy new headphones- I am a noob though!

    Hi All,   First time post, long time reader-   I have done research but everything sounds good and I just wish some people who actually know what they are talking about could take the guesswork out of it for me!   I am looking to spend around 150-200$.  Essentially its for music...
  9. DashBerlin

    Which headphones should I get for pc gaming?

    I am looking to get new headphones for gaming on my pc as well as listening to music on the pc with it. I am trying to choose between the beyerdynamic dt700's pro(80 or 250's??) ultrasone pro 550's or hfi 580's, or the sennheiser pc 360's. I don't really have the extra money to buy an amp. What...
  10. toMsonsLLC

    New headphones, need suggestions!

    I need some new headphones, so please recommend me a geat pair! I want to throw away my POS HD-555's only for the fact that they are uncomfortable for my ears (sound quality is good though). Puts far to much pressure on my ears/head, making me unwilling to play games after only 20-30 minutes...
  11. JensL

    Tested and compared: Ultrasone PROline 550, 650 and 750 + the HFI-550 and 650.

    A friend of mine got some contacts within in the business, and I’ve been nagging him lately to get me some headphones for testing. This time he got hold of some of the new Ultrasone PROlines, and now I got them. Also, I got a few HFI’s, which I haven’t heard before. Ultrasone have...
  12. sal9090

    Best Ultrasone all around?

    Hello I am new to this forum and I am interested in getting a new pair of phones. I have been looking into ultrasone products and have been impressed for the price to performance ratio. I want these headphones as an all around head phone, I will be using them for gaming, music and movies ect. I...
  13. x5nd

    Looking for good headphones ($200-$250)

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I was just wondering if you could share some of your expertise with me.  I mostly, if not exclusively electro house.  Occasionally I might listen to some other techno/dance/electro.  I might also use these headphones for occasional gaming.  I had been looking at the...
  14. gchimelli

    Finally!!! Need a little help finding the right cans!

    I'll be living in the USA for the next 3 months, and coming from Brazil, it's a great opportunity to buy some sweet headphones without having to pay for the overpriced obsolete sets I'm able to find here.   I'll start by saying that iIm no great audiophile but I do appreciate listening to...
  15. chuckle490

    What is the best portable amp for use with my ipod classic 160GB 7th gen and my computer on a $100 budget?

    I will be using it with a pair of Ultrasone Pro 550's. I listen to EDM so it will need to sound good for that type of music. Also I use Windows 8 on my computer so it needs to be compatible with that. Thank you!
  16. renji1337

    Ultrasone pro 550 cable extension

    What's the best 2-3ft cable extension for the ultrasone pro 550? the 3.5mm cable is only 0.8m. it would have to be 3.5mm male to female.     I want no audio quality to be degraded
  17. Ultrasone PRO 550

    Ultrasone PRO 550

    The PRO 550 (formerly the PROline 550) builds on the immensely popular HFI-580 (formerly the HFI-550) to create a professional headphone that is both durable and versatile. Tight and powerful bass plus precise and detailed instrument placement is given. Featuring the same 50mm Mylar driver able...