1. apav

    Deciding between Ultrasone Pro 550 and DJ1 Pro, and which sound card or DAC to improve quality?

    Hi guys,   Long time forum frequenter although I have never registered. Nice to meet you all :)    Need a headphone for about 60% games (FPS, RPG's, and MMO's), 30% music, and 10% movies. I was originally looking at the AD700's, but I would like something with a a pit punchier bass...
  2. renji1337

    Brand new Ultrasone PRO 550's!

    Bought them, never opened and i need money so there up forsale.     will put pics up on monday, price includes shipping     SELLING FOR 110, NEED MONEY ASAP FOR WARPED TOUR IN 3 DAYS
  3. LazBro123

    Ultrasone HFI-580 vs Ultrasone HFI-780 vs Ultrasone Pro 550 vs Ultrasone HFI-2400

    Hey guys,   I want to buy a pair of Ultrasone headphones. Out of these four headphones, which do you think is the best? I mainly listen to hip hop and rock. I can get the HFI-580 for $130, the HFI-780 for $150, the Pro 550 for also $150 and the HFI-2400 for $200. I am have a Fiio E6. Which...
  4. machoboy

    If the Ultrasone PRO 550 uses the same exact drivers as the HFI-580 with bigger cups, why does it have less bass?

    OK audio engineers so I have HFI-580s in the mail after hearing about their awesome bass. My problem is I don't really like the look and personally, I'm a big fan of giant, huge, phones, not just swiveling "DJ-sized" phones.   I just read this courtesy of Ultrasone:    "The PRO 550...
  5. vale25

    moddeed ultrasone pro550

    modded by me, the plastic ring was remoed by the inside, right pad was a little bit estetically damaged (central logo), but the sound improved a lot after the mod
  6. Akin

    Pads for the Ultrasone Pro 550

    Hey guys,     I've recently learned that the Pro 550 pads fit the Pro 900. I don't like the earpad style on the pro 550's, will the Pro 900 velour pads fit them? Also, where can you find the Pro 900 pads? I don't own any of these phones, I'm just wondering.     Thanks   Edit: I...
  7. Devarika Woulf

    What radio/mp3 player would sound good with an Ultrasone PRO 550?

    Ever since I bought my home rig, my Nextar mp3 player and Pure Sound Pure-800 earbuds sound like crap. And now my Ultrasone PRO 550 are just sitting here with nothing to do.   I'd like mainly a great radio with the mp3 being secondary. I like whole albums and the limiting room is a bummer...
  8. ihatedogs

    good amp for the ultrasone pro 550?

    Hey i have just received the pro 550 headphones and i am looking for a amp.   I am willing to spend around 50-100 on the amp it will be mainly used indoors so i dont really care about portability. i am mainly looking for an amp to boost the bass, im not a basshead but i do like thumpy bass...
  9. jono454

    Ultrasone PRO550 (grey version)

    Ultrasone PRO550   Information about headphone - not in greatest condition but absolutely nothing wrong with driver - there are some visible scratches that have accumulated from being in my drawer - comes with everything  - i am first owner - on a scale of 1-10 i would give them a...
  10. mk4gtijoe


    so ive got about 210 on amazon in gift cards.... and im stuck.... i want a pair of over ear cans and an amp... im stuck between the m50s with a fiio e11 or maybe a pair of ultrasone pro 550s or dj1 pros with like an e6.. what do i choose?... or do you have any better suggestions? lol help me
  11. billybombill

    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro vs Ultrasone 550 Pro?

    Been looking to upgrade to a nicer pair of headphones and was going for the Sennheiser 280's, but stumbled upon the Ultrasone 550's and am kind of torn between them. From what I've read the Sennheiser's sound pretty flat, and clamp on the head a bit tightly, and since I'll be doing casual...
  12. chalupa

    Looking for a new gaming headset

    I just found this site recently and can't think of a better place to ask about my new purchase. I'm looking at buying a new gaming headset as my old one (Steelseries Siberia v2) no longer has a working left speaker. I felt my Steelseries Siberia v2 had good sound quality, but after reading a lot...
  13. crossmxn

    Looking for new 'phones, i'll be using them for Gaming, Music and Movies. $150~. Ultrasones?

    Hello everybody, i just got a question and I think this is the right place to ask it.   I'm in a adventure to find the right headphones for me, and Ultrasone has gotten my attention.   I started some time ago with the Sony MDR-V150, those were my first headphones and I liked them, after...
  14. avig9

    Best headphones for hip hop under $150

    Hey Im looking for  some over ear headphones that work well with hip hop/ rap on my iPhone. I like bass a lot, but not too much that it drowns out the mids and highs. I also want ones that dont leak too much and bother other people. I have been looking in the ATH M50s so far, but i was wondering...
  15. drmrwt

    Best headphones under 300$ for rap/hip-hop, techno, trance. HELP ME PLZ

    Hi fellow Headfiers,   I am currently considering the V-Moda M-100 or the HE-400, my budget for the headphones is 300$. Need a full sized can. size does not matter neither does closed back or open back as long as the sound is worth dying for. I listen to Rap, Hip-Hop, Electronic, techno and...
  16. WhoJimmy

    Which headphones would be the best for Hip Hop/R&B? $150 budget

    Which headphones would be better for mainly Hip Hop and R&B? The Ultrasone HFI- 780, Pro 550, Pro 580's or the Ath m50's? Or any you guys would suggest. I have a budget of around $150.
  17. WhoJimmy

    Which headphones would be better for Hip Hop and R&B

    Which pair of headphones would be better for Hip Hop and R&B? HIFI 780's or the Pro 550's? Both Ultrasone. 
  18. Dhanijel

    You're my only hope...

    Hi!   So I've been looking up headphones and soundcards all day to gather information on what's good and bad. I haven't bought a headphone for about 7 years so I'm kinda out of the loop. What I have now is "Sony MDR-V700" (which I really loved when I bought them) and a Creative Fatal1ty...
  19. Milsivich

    Ultrasone 780 Sibilance

    I'm relatively new to the headphones scene, but not new to music or the sound-reproduction scene. I wanted to start off slow, so I decided to find the best cans for under $200. Overwhelmingly, I was recommended either the Audio Technica M50s or the Ultrasone 780s. After reading many reviews and...
  20. SolidSnake22

    Cans under $120-$130

    Hello, I am new to head-fi and I currently own a pair of Audio Technica ATH-PRO5V and I would like to upgrade to something else. A common issue on this headphones was the actual build quality of the headphones. The cups are ripped and the headphones are uncomfortable. The sound quality is...
  21. CrakkerJakk

    Gaming Headphone Search

    Hello this is my first time posting here on Head-Fi. I have been reading threads on here for weeks now and I finally decided to just join since I'm here so often anyways. I need some advice from you guys out there. I am searching for my fist pair of audiophile level headphones. Previously I have...
  22. Eric31710

    Best Headphones for a Phone

    Hey I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and am looking for a good pair of headphones that sound great.  My price range is $200 or less. I like music like Linkin Park, Black Keys, and Foster the People. I was looking into the ultrasone pro-550. Any help would be great!
  23. Aceolus

    Best Noise Canceling Headset For Gaming

    Hey there,   I'm a gamer and I currently have the Sennheiser PC350's and they're great except, I need something that cancels noise better. I been digging through forums, searching on google, watching YouTube videos, and praying to sweet ole Jesus to find something but so far I haven't found...
  24. elwappo99

    FS: Ultrasone PRO-550 closed headphones w/Carry case, 2 sets of pads

    Purchased these new about 2 months ago and haven't put a lot of use one them. Definitely has the ultrasone house sound, but the treble is withdrawn a bit, and the midrange is smoother. Far less sibilant than the other ultrasones I've used.   Included: Headphones 2 sets of pads 2 sets of...
  25. setzer715

    Increase pad thickness DJ1 Pro's or ATH-M50's?

    Hi, I've been trying out different headphones and been researching online (mostly here) trying to find exactly what I need.  I'm looking for a good sounding bass heavy closed back around the ear headphone.  I purchased an FIIO e11 and I really like the sound quality out of the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro...