1. chenshihchi

    Ultrasone ED8 or ED8 Romeo; any sonic difference?

    Hello there..   I am debating between a ED8 and ED8 Romeo. The local shop has the ED8 palladium at $1,250 now. My question is are there any sonic difference between ED8 and ED8 Romeo? If the sole difference between the two is just the replaceable cable, maybe I would go for the old model... ...
  2. Sasaki

    Edition 8 - my first hands on impression

    I had a brief chance to try Edition8 my hands on. Please note, this is based on a pre-production demo unit, not a CES demo unit that is more tuned and somewhat improved. Needless to say, it could also be differ to the final. Click picture to enlarge. Look, Feel Edition8 looks solid...
  3. Ultrasone Inc. Edition 8 Romeo Headphones

    Ultrasone Inc. Edition 8 Romeo Headphones

    The Edition 8 Romeo headphones are handmade in Germany and represent a new, and extremely elegant addition to the Edition range.