1. b3nlau

    Ultrasone DJ1 PRO vs. HFI-780 thoughts

    Hello Head-Fi. This is my first post here at head-fi after extensive reads through the forums about my first possible purchase for hi-end headphones. I thought i'd do my thoughts on the Ultrasone DJ1 PRO vs HFI-780.   What I wanted from the headphones that I was gonna buy, were that they be...
  2. Calamity0Switch

    Help, Suggestions on best 150 dollar cans

    Hello head-fi this will be my first post on this site and I have a question for the community. I wanted to get your opinions on what would be the best 150 dollar or less cans. I am looking for cans that I can listen to a wide range of music with, everything from the occasional rock to orchestra...
  3. jhtang2

    Headphones under 170

    Hey y'all. Ive been looking around for headphones that have good sound quality,bass, for all types of music. R&B, hip hop, jazz, classical.   I am looking not only for sound quality, but material quality, and appearance.    I have a couple of AKG phones that are decent at the moment such...
  4. mmichelle

    Ultrasone HFI

    I'm in the market for my first pair of portable close cans, and i've kinda narrowed down to the Ultrasone HFI 680 (open to suggestions still!), and I'll be using these on my iphone4.   For the type of music i usually listen to (soul, blues, acoustic, slow rock and some mainstream pop), will...
  5. Beerme


    just a heads up for you people, Tesco have a sale on, (at least mine does, Ipswich, Copdock),   HD228 £25, (I got the last black pair, 1 white pair remains.....),   PX100 II £24.95, (I got a black pair but there were plenty left of white/black),   the Addidas sport ones, OMX...
  6. eXpander

    Xonar Stx, headphone fail

    After a year of lurking around this site and overclock.net sound forum i finally saved up the money to buy my first hifi [i consider it hifi, leave me alone!] set up. I bought myself the Xonar STX soundcard, some m-audio BX5a's, and a pair of Sennheiser 595's. let me just say WOW, i never...
  7. WaveRider69

    AD700, HFI-680, DT990 - Why am I still not satisfied?

    I have these 3 and I'm still not satisfied.   Don't get me wrong, they are each wonderful headphones.   Overall the sound of the ATH-AD700's pleases me the most as long as I use a 12dB 60hz boost.  The sound has good impact, depth, soundstage, airiness, clarity, very fun sounding, but...
  8. dpssri6

    M50 or HFI-580

    I'm coming from ATH-700's.   I mainly listen to Electronica/Dance/Hip-hop/ & 80's Hard Rock/Metal   Trying to decide which to get.   I like good strong accurate deep bass which some punch, good vocal presence, and treble that tingles my spine.  I like a good sound-stage, meaning I...
  9. corsabrin

    Ultrasones for First Headphone Purchase?

    Hello Everyone,   I am looking for my first set of quality headphones and Ultrasone has caught my eye.   Here are the models I am considering:   HFI-580:  I like the idea of a good low end and a detailed top end, but the recessed mids I keep reading about has me worried a bit.  ...
  10. halodude23

    UltraSone HIFI 680 VS HIFI 580?

    Could you guys recommend me to which one is the best out of the two? Thanks
  11. REB

    So happy with the Ultrasone HFI 680!

    I’ll be smiling all day today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and… I just opened the box containing a brand new set of Ultrasone HFI 680’s. I ordered them on Monday from Qables.com and the next morning (that’s impressive even if you’re in the same country) they were waiting for me at...
  12. haarism

    Hfi 780?

    So I was looking around and noticed that the Ultrasone Hfi 780 were in my price range and much discounted at b and h photo as compared to headroom   now I had a few questions   I'm upgrading from my SRH440s and here are my options so far in no particular order SRH840 ATH-M50 and...
  13. ziweiwu

    I am looking for a headphone that is better than M50 for around 100 dollar .

    Any recommendation for that ?
  14. eradlen

    Headphones under $200 for dubstep, hardcore, trance, kpop?

    Hello! I want to pick up some headphones to use while I am at my computer, but I am kind of lost as to what to get. I have searched and am still a bit lost unfortunately.  I listen to a lot of electronic music such as dubstep, hardcore, trance, hardstyle, eurodance, etc, and I also listen to...
  15. yesitseasynow

    Ultrasone 580s vs 680s

    There's some stuff in the forums on 580s vs the 780s and 680s vs the 780s, but very little about those two side by side. I'm looking at getting one of these as my first high-end pair, I want closed headphones to keep my music in and other stuff out and these just seemed like the most...
  16. pips

    audiophile noob needs help!

    Hello all,  I've been recently looking for some new nice, high quality headphones.  Upon researching there I learned about exactly what I was searching for, and they certainly were not Beats by Dre .  Just by seeing how many people walking around with this headphone on shows that the Beats by...
  17. dedude

    Portable substitute for the ATH-A900

    Well just as the title says, I own the ATH-A900 and I love how they sound but yesterday I wore them in my friends house and they pointed out how stupid I look with them on so now I'm looking to get portable headphones that sounds similar to these.   Ohh and when I say portable I still mean...
  18. wcarpenter

    Gear Advice

    Hello All,   I'd love some advice on a good, relatively low budget headphone/amp setup. I'd love to spend somewhere between $500 and $1000, though gear at the higher end of that spectrum would need some pretty good justification. My source would be a computer feeding either lossless AIFFs or...
  19. Shizdan

    Just Bought a Little Dot MK III!

    It's going to pair up with my HD680's (HD580's W/ HD650 Drivers). How is this setup?
  20. Kevin Brown

    Ultrasone ... Neutral, Accurate, Transparent?

    Hi there everyone!    I'm still a relative newbie here, although I am slowly understanding what I like in terms of headphones, and what I don't like.   I am not a basshead.   With a little searching, I think I should stay away from the 780's, but the 750's might be something to try along...
  21. RyanMc

    Ultrasone HFI 680 Sound

    Hey, Just looking for some advice on my headphones. Just got my new set of 680's today, but seem to be having some issues with the sound levels =(. I pluged them straight into a sound card and instantly noticed distortion with the high ends. But figured it might be set up wrong. So I decided...
  22. tdockweiler

    Ultrasone HFI-680 vs Koss Pro DJ 100

    This is a mini-review of my experience comparing the Ultrasone HFi-680 to my Koss Pro DJ 100. I also have compared each with the SRH-840 and ATH-M50 on a scale of 1-10 to give people a general idea of what I think. I don't expect anyone to agree with me and that's OK! I wouldn't call this a...
  23. jankovic

    Ultrasone hfi-680 or Audio technica m50?

    Hello everyone, i finally decided in my future..ultrasone hfi 680 or audio technica m50. i have a fiio e7 , ipad and ipod video 5 generation video..please help me to choise?
  24. phaun

    HFI 680 or PRO 750...same price...which one

    I've brought it down to these two based on what I've read, but seen no comparisons of these two.  It seems the 680 isn't that popular here.  If you could choose between these two at pretty much the same cost, what would you do? With the 680, I'll be purchasing a sub $100 port amp.  With the 750...
  25. phaun

    New Cans Needed...So, Ultrasone HFI 700 vs 780 vs 680 or PRO 650/750?....Heck throw in AKG 271 and Denon 2000

    I've been reading through here for quite sometime but decided to join in the discussion and ask a huge favor.   I'm currently using some Grado 80s which I'm very happy with; however, I need a closed back design as I need a phone I can use in public as well.   I'm using this headphone for...